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Lazy Laundry Tournament 3 Ė The Nagrub Open!

Posted May 20th, 2011 at 05:07 PM by Elginb
Iíve had Marrden Nagrubs win these tournaments before, but Iíve never had both finalists with Nagrub armies. I actually set these tournaments up to avoid pitting the same units against one another, but sometimes the teams are so good they still manage to run into each other even if they were put in another quarter or, in this case, a whole other half of the bracket.

This was a bit of a tournament of champions. Several of the armies had won previous Lazy Laundry Tournaments:

--Hulk, Venocs x3, Blue Wyrmling, Black Wyrmling, Red Wyrmling (Mind Flayer killed this team in the second roundómade the Hulk jump into lava and then proceeded to cripple the Venoc Vipers all on his own, removing one order markere with each attack)

--Anubians x3, Khosumet, Mezzodemons x4, Guilty (I lead with the Anubians, in the hopes of taking out Nilfheim early, but failed; once the wolves fell to the lawnmower, the Mezzodemons couldnít take out the Ice Dragon)...

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