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D&D Scape.... what's the big deal?

Posted January 1st, 2010 at 02:02 AM by Melwing17
So, I could mean "what's the big deal?" as in "Why are people so upset with mixing D&D and Heroscape?". Because I am on the "any Heroscape is good Heroscape" side of things. So remember that when reading the rest of this. I had impressions (and so did others, based on the things I see around the forums/blogs) that Master Set 3 was really going to have a D&D flavor- a dungeon crawl! Frigging sweet!

Instead it's recycled miniatures (of course we've known that for a while), black tiles that act just like jungle pieces, and a scenario just like at the end of every other rulebook- except that if a figure dies, he doesn't move on to the next 'room' (read: the next scenario map). It's "Heroscape Master Set 3: A Series Of Gray Maps". I suppose I just got the wrong impression, but I'm baffled. People were talking about how it will change/add to the tournament landscape/structure, etc... and all I can think after reading the rulebook...

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