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C3G Interview - July 2016

Posted July 28th, 2016 at 04:01 PM by HS Codex

C3G Interview
Trollbrute, on March Madness winning unit: "Rover"
By: marrowick

Who or what is Rover exactly?

Rover comes from the storyline ďHere Comes Tomorrow,Ē and was created by Grant Morrison and Marc Silvestri. He is a sentient, damaged Sentinel robot from a dystopian future where an evil, Sublime-possessed version of the X-Man Beast controls most of the planet. Rover, along with his human companion, Tom Skylark, joins up with the future X-Men to fight Beast. Rover gives his life during the fight, but he and the X-Men are able (through wibbly wobbly, comicey womicey means) to change the past and prevent this future. Versions of Rover also appear in the awesome cartoon Wolverine and the X-Men and the limited comic series Sentinel.

Why did the heroes choose Rover as a contestant in the ďMarch MadnessĒ event?

Interestingly, Rover wasn't one of the first choices for the event. When some of the other choices fell through, Rover was slotted in due to his relative popularity in the C3G Community Input Thread and the fact that he wasnít already in the works. To be honest, I didnít expect him to make it past the first round!

Were there any heroes that you know were banking for him to win from the start?

I canít speak for anyone else in that regard; I think a lot of us tried to stay neutral at first. But by the time the second round rolled around and he was drawing so much support, it was pretty exciting to watch his run. Everybody loves an underdog!

Rover is currently in the ďvoting for initial playtestĒ phase, but looking at the recent posts in the thread it appears like this is the second vote and the first failed. Why did it not pass the first vote?

The first vote didnít actually fail; it was just placed on hold. dok and the Competitive Review Board brought up some competitive issues and so I placed the vote on hold so that tweaks could be made. Thatís why the CRB exists, and Iím glad it does. I actually think the tweak that was made makes the design a more interesting one.

How did you come up with the current design for Rover? What was the inspiration for his current stats, abilities, etc.?

Like all C3G designs, the stats and powers are inspired by comic books and other iconic media appearances. For Rover, the stats were easy to come up with because I had a baseline from the original Sentinel design. From there it was just a matter of lowering them slightly to represent damage and age.

But what exactly inspired the powers you choseówhatís the story behind those powers?

I knew starting the design that I wanted to represent one part of his character strongly: that being his strong bond with his companion. Whether itís Tom Skylark in New X-Men, Polaris in Wolverine and the X-Men, or Juston in Sentinel, Rover is always shown with a strong friendship, and heís very protective of those people. So thatís where the first two powers come from. Carry is fairly self-evident. Fun note: the defensive power is named Destroy! because thatís the only word Rover can say, presumably due to some of the damage heís received over the years.

I should also note that, as of this moment, no testing has been done, so none of the powers or stats are set in stone. Itís possibleóeven likelyóthat they will change somewhat before the process is finished.

How excited are you to see Rover coming to C3G as an official unit?

Very! And itís all the more exciting to see him come via the March Madness poll. Heís such a niche character that not many people know about, and I didnít think there was all that much interest in the character. But seeing him get 30+ votes and beat out some fan favorite characters? Thatís cool.

What kind of armies is Rover designed to play with (criminals, mutants, etc.)?

Mutants mainly, though heíll help out a few humans as well. Both Sentinel Companion and Destroy! are limited to humans or mutants.
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