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Drafting From A Finite Pool (16 Cards)

Posted May 14th, 2016 at 02:26 PM by kolakoski

Well met!

This post references a couple of C3G threads, Drafting from a Finite Pool and The 16 Card Pool Thread, as well as my scenario containing such a Pool, Under the Canopy. From The 16 Card Pool Thread:

The concept is simple. Create a 16 Card Pool for a 4 Player Snake draft. Snake draft: It's a draft where the positions flip flop every round. For example, if someone drafts first during the very first round, they'll draft last the following round, then they'll draft first again in the next round, and so on. This type of draft is the most fair. The Pool may be for any Map and/or Scenario - or none at all. Naming your Pool is optional.

The latest Pool I've created, from a stricter system by Wriggz, after some back and forth with Tornado, is presented below.

Judge Death Must Die!

Such a draft system addresses some of the issues concerning Supers play encountered by the Gang in the recent, and not so recent, past. From
Drafting from a Finite Pool:

Too often, in our games, "surprises" have lead to their being unpleasantly unbalanced. With cool Powers having no chance in the face of some one trick pony. While it has been pleasing to plan and execute a surprise that totally frustrates the other players, I also felt bad for them. Unlike Classic Scape, where I have most of the Cards' Powers memorized, C3G is relatively new to me, and most of C3G's Cards, and especially the finite pool of 16 Cards in
Under the Canopy (chosen specifically for their unfamiliarity) have Powers that have never been displayed on the Gang's tables. [I'm thinking that Drafting from a Finite Pool would work well in Classic Scape as well, but that's a topic for another time - and thread.] I am eagerly looking forward to the kinds of surprises that the interactions of powers in Under the Canopy will bring.

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