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Dorms, dorms, dorms: the life of a college student

Posted March 29th, 2013 at 12:27 AM by Arch-vile
I'm a college freshman at a private university in mid-Illinois. About 5000 students total, expensive as heck (what university isn't?). I get good grades, above a 3.0, and I'm a somewhat sociable guy. I don't party, but I have a good time with Ultimate and just being active outside with friends. Just a little background info to make the rest of my blog post make a grain or two of sense.

Until now I've been at a loss of what to do for next year's housing. My current roommate and I get along fine and there aren't any problems or anything, but we don't talk all that much and don't really have the same interests. Guys don't have to be friends really to room together, I've discovered. We're all somewhat "chill".

I asked my current roommate about a week ago if he wanted to stay roommates, and he said he was looking for other options, but "maybe". That was cool with me. I figured I had to just get signed up with a random person like Freshman year...
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New Year's Resolutions

Posted January 3rd, 2013 at 03:36 PM by Arch-vile
The idea of a New Year's Resolution has always appealed to my idealist side. It's a great way to motivate oneself to turn one's life around or just to do something like eat healthier or work out more. But, it always amazes me how many people give up on those resolutions. Why make them if you know you will likely fail them?

I went to the gym yesterday with my dad and siblings to play some racquetball, and it was packed! The first gym we went too was so crowded we drove to another gym instead. All but two of the treadmills were in use, 10+ people were playing a game on the basketball court, and the weight room was filled. My family was shocked! We've never seen the gyms so crowded. Usually we have the basketball court to ourselves and only 2-3 people are using the treadmills. We assumed that the crowd was due to New Year's Resolutions; everyone wants to be more fit and slimmer so they make a pact to go the gym every day.

However, by next month the gym will be...
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