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Dance Fever

Posted October 1st, 2012 at 01:33 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
I had a fever the other day, part of my seasonal allergies. Years and years ago I contracted malaria when I was doing some work in Africa. I donít know how much you know about malaria- but when you have an attack you get fevers that rise and fall. I had fevers that went so high they kind of broke the ceiling on fevers for me. I would get delirious, and laugh uproariously. It scared the crap out of everyone. I was treated in a hospital in Malawi where I had a high high fever and i was extremely delirious- I was bongo drumming on every surface available. I thought it was hilarious. Anyway the point is when I get fever it goes high and sometimes I get a little delusional.

I was lying on the floor in our play room which mostly holds books and Scape these days. I was looking up at the ceiling, and the slowly rotating blue and red ceiling fan- and the fan turned my mind to some unusual places- fevers really have an interesting effect on reality. Itís like a dream world, where things which are not connected are easily paired and the impossible is very plausible.

And I began thinking about discos, and Raelin. How did I get there? Well Iíve always liked her; sheís one of the hottest HS babes- because sheís so nice. Sheís protects you. Sheís very kind. And those big shiny wings would just look incredible under disco lights, donít you think? See how easy it is to go there?

Once youíve arrived at the fever disco, you find almost all the Scape characters are there. It was the warriors of Ashra who first caught my eye of course. They werenít in their usual gear- they didnít have their weapons anyway- but their hair was all done up and they had really highlighted their eyes. I tried to dance with one or talk with one or anything with one but they always avoided me easily.

And then the phantom knights blew through. They were mostly dancing but also sort of floating, the two guys and the girl in their sort of fluorescent disco suits. But they were doing some kind of moves and they kept going and just went right through the wall. And standing on that wall were the Kravís. They werenít doing anything except looking cool with their shades and dark suites. Like they were waiting for something.

And then the something happened! Thatís what so cool about having a high fever. Youíre never bored for long. The Nakitaís dance in, still in their white jumpsuits but they have really big white platform shoes and the Kravís are somehow offended by their appearance and they start a dance battle. The Nakitas move together, perfect timing for every movement, every head turn. Itís impressive, and theyíre gorgeous. I think maybe the game designers had a serious disco influence. If you think about all the costumes the characters wear- what wouldnít look out of place in a disco?

And then itís the Kravís turn- theyíre more hip hop but theyíre synchronized too. And then they drop- and break dance. Everyone is hooting and hollering and the Kravís have won this battle easily. But itís not over! The ninjaís of the Northern Wind appear, but theyíre not dressed as they normally are. They are still wearing their righty tighties but these pyjamas are covered with sequins and sparklies and they catch the light as the ninjas jump and whirl, more acrobats than dancers. The Krav have class and they watch impassively and then just bow out, and we like them better for knowing when they are beaten.

The music changes suddenly to techno, and Iím feeling the hatred. Deathwalker 9000 and his two Zettian sweethearts roll onto the floor- itís obvious they have those shoes with the wheels in them- and theyíre all robot moves and they try to dance battle the ninjas but of course the ninjas just vanish. But something weird is happening now and the floor tilts and the Soulbergs role to the low end and smash through the wall and then over a railing into the sea. We are on a ship now, in a huge storm.

There is no screaming- remember these guys are all tough Scape figures- and they are busy taking action. Iím the only one whoís lying there, rolling back and forth with the waves. The lights go out and everything is dark. The rolling stops. For a moment, I think Iím just lying there on the floor in my own home but then I remember where I really am- on a ship full of living Scape figures somewhere in the Bermuda triangle. Thatís the thing about fevers you know, things move quickly and you have to stay on your feet to keep up. Or in my case you have to lay down on the floor so you donít roll off the ship.

I can hear an intermittent hissing now, and Iím pretty sure itís either some kind of vipers coming at me or one of the vampires. I listen and itís very clear- hiss, and then it stops, and then hiss, stop again. Iíve got to get out of there or Iím going to be stew but suddenly I canít seem to move at all- itís like some magical force is holding me down. I struggle and fail and I can still hear the hiss, stop, hiss stop and itís really freaking me out. I make the jump from freaked out and to terrified and sit up and start hollering.

One of my sons flicks the light back on.
ďYou okay Dad?Ē
ďYea, yea, just hay fever night mare.Ē Theyíre used to it.
ďYou fell asleep on the floor but you were kind of rolling so I turned the light out because I thought it was bothering you.Ē
ďThank you.Ē I say. ďIíll get up and go to bed.Ē Itís the story of my life. Wake up and go back to sleep the right way. Of course thatís not really possible in hay fever time.

I lay there for a moment after my son has gone, recovering. And I hear the hissing again. Hiss, stop, hiss, stop, hiss stop. And I figure out what it is. Itís me inhaling and exhaling through my stuffed up nose.....
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Arch-vile's Avatar
I have not had a 'scape dream. Seems like yours was quite the adventure. Most of 'scape would fit well in a disco, now that you mention it. The Gladiatrons would be jammin'.

I hope you recover from your fever soon, being sick stinks.
Posted October 1st, 2012 at 09:57 PM by Arch-vile Arch-vile is offline
chas's Avatar
Whoa! Get to work on the screenplay!
Posted October 2nd, 2012 at 12:08 PM by chas chas is offline
flameslayer93's Avatar
That sounded very fun! Its boogie-time!

Posted October 21st, 2012 at 06:30 PM by flameslayer93 flameslayer93 is offline
mac122's Avatar
Your fever dreams are much more fun than mine. I usually find myself standing at a cash register in the middle of the desert attempting to buy a glass of water from an Arab nomad. He just keeps adding on to the price - ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching...
Posted November 19th, 2012 at 07:32 PM by mac122 mac122 is online now
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