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Deadeye Dan Vs. Sudema

Posted July 30th, 2009 at 12:03 PM by Elginb
This is an example of two figures whose price disparity makes no sense to me. Both are niche figures, both filling very similar niches, but one costs 60 points while the other costs 140 points; one fits nicely into lots of armies without being overpowering, while the other is very difficult to fit into an army without seeming ineffective.

Now, I know that on first glance, it might seem like Sudema is more powerful than Deadeye Dan. Sudema has one more life and one more defense than DED. More importantly, she has twice the chance of destroying a hero (D20 roll of 17+) as DED (D20 roll of 19+), and Sudema has a 2/3 chance of killing squaddies, whereas DED only has a 50% chance of killing (small or medium) squaddies (but also to wound small or medium heroes).

Now, even though Sudema's raw stats are better than DED's, Sudema has to expose herself to engagement much more so than DED, in order to utilize her full niche potential-- that means that she can be bogged...
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