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Customs Creation - April 2019

Posted April 28th, 2019 at 12:49 PM by HS Codex

Customs Creation
Getting the Most Out of Your (Playtesting) Time
Author: Scytale

Coming up with ideas is exciting, putting together cards is rewarding, and showing your customs to other people is fun. It is even fun to put them in a game. But serious, deep-dive playtesting is often more work than play, something all too easy to brush aside. Yet it is perhaps the single most valuable and important part of the customs creation process. Serious playtesting not only is essential to refine (and sometimes rework) a custom design, but it also teaches valuable lessons that can improve future designs.

But time spent in playtesting is not always valuable, and in fact it can easily become wasteful. At the very least, repeating the same scenarios grants diminishing returns. We are all busy with activities outside of Heroscape playtesting; so, instead
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Scaper of the Month: April 2019

Posted April 12th, 2019 at 06:16 PM by HS Codex

’Scaper of the Month
Author: quozl

This month, we have one of the founders of both C3G and C3V. Read on to learn more about who is really behind that famous cowl!


Who are you really?
I’m Batman.

How old are you?
36. Of course, that’s in comic book years.

What is your occupation?
College English lecturer by day. C3G legend by night.

What are other games you enjoy and why?
Gloomhaven and Sentinels of the Multiverse are probably my two all-timers.

It helps that they’re thematic, cooperative, and I have a good friend who’ll come over to my house and play both obsessively with me.

I love the easy-to-learn but deep-to-play mechanics of Sentinels as well as the superhero theme. Gloomhaven has such fun strategic
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