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NHSD '08 - 6th Place of 22 Entrants

Posted October 19th, 2008 at 11:52 AM by SuperflyTNT
I played

3x Warriors of Ashra
Tarn Vikings
Kaemon Awa

1st Round played KCUMaster07's Raelin, Minions, and Omnicrons and I killed all but one Omnicron, all but 2 Minions and I think I didn't get Raelin. He killed my Krav and it was downhill from there.

2nd Round
I played against DragonMaster with all Blastatrons, Gladiatrons and Laglor , he killed some of my guys, but not much, and I killed a TON of his Glads and Blasts. It went to time but in the end I won with 390 points left if I remember right. Highlight: I rolled 6 consecutive Vydars + Skulls with Laglor's Autoload and ganked 6 enemy Blasts/Glads.

3rd Round
Played Bryan Brewster with his Q9/Raelin/Izumi/Laglor/AE army. Killed Raelin first, then 2/3 the Izumi, then Laglor. His AE never dropped. He killed 2 Krav, but then my Kaemon got on height and quickreleased him to death. 540 point win, never got a card killed plus the 10 OVAH bonusses.

4th Round
Played Marduk who was fielding Kelda, Me-Burq-Sa, Zelrig, and Jotun. I got first initiative, and my Krav ran up and took potshots. No hits. Zelrig came up and nuked me mercilessly. Killed 5 guys all at once. Krav took some more shots, put a couple hits on him. Then comes 3 more kills from Zelrig. Laglor ganks Zelrig once and for all, but here comes Me-Burq-Sa. OF COURSE he takes out Laglor with paralyzing stare and skulls galore. I killed Kelda, then Me-Burq-Sa but had 2 Tarns, 1 Krav, 5 WOA and Isamu left. This was the ugly part. Although I managed to get 3 hits on Jotun, he ragdolled the living crap out of me with Wild Swing and Throws.

5th Round
Played Owen who had Kaemon, Finn, Sir Dendrick, Gurei-Oni(sp?) and the rest Knights of Weston. I put my Ashra warriors on the roads to block him which was deadly effective, then on the second OM I shot Kaemon for 2 hits and killed a Knight. Then we slugged it out with WoA versus Knights and Sir Dendrick. Laglor got 5 consecutive Autoloads and killed 3 knights, later my Kaemon killed his, then tried for Gurei-Oni but was killed. My Isamu hacked Finn with 6 dice (4 skulls v. 0 sheilds) and then Isamu gutted him. Won with 110 points in the bag still.
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nice going
Posted December 14th, 2008 at 12:06 PM by gmartin gmartin is offline
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