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Online Heroscape Season 20

Posted June 8th, 2015 at 01:42 PM by truth

Online Heroscape Season 20 - GenCon Main Event Prep

Spoiler Alert!

This is a 2015 End of Year Championship qualifying event. However, games played in this event will not count toward your 2015 or overall ranking. The winner of this event will still be invited to EoY and this will count as a tournament played for EoY purposes.

2015 GenCon Main Event Prep
  • Each player brings one 460-point army with no more than 16 figures*. No VC, no Marvel.
  • During the regular season you will play the army you bring. However, the playoffs will be Reverse The Whip -- you play with the army your opponent brought for each round in the playoffs.
*An army can contain more than 16 figures, but only 16 figures may be placed on the battlefield each game. Airborne Elite and Rechets of Bogdan count toward these limits, as usual. Double-spaced figures...
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Online Scape Season 19

Posted April 17th, 2015 at 11:12 AM by truth

Online Heroscape Season 19
(Click link for full details)
Sign-ups end April 26th.

Chance to win a Ticalla Jungle!

A Ticalla Jungle will be the 2015 End of Year prize; it will be raffled off to a player at the end of Season 22. To qualify, you must play 3 events this year to conclusion (Finishing all 4 rounds).

(Events for 2015 will be OHS seasons 17-22. You may play any three of these six events to qualify for the prize.)

Season 19: Half-Army Draft
  • Each player submits three 255-point half-armies. A maximum of 10 figures may be placed from each half-army. The half-armies may not share any figures. VC is allowed, no Marvel.
  • Before each game, there will be a dice-off, done by the tournament organizers. The winner of the dice-off chooses first or second choice of half-army.
  • Whoever has first choice may choose any of the six half-armies
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2015 Unit Battle Royale

Posted March 29th, 2015 at 02:18 AM by truth
HSers 2015 Unit Battle Royale

Entries Due by Wednesday, April 1st! (Click Here For Details)

Unit Battle Royale

To celebrate the 8th birthday of HeroScapers.com (May 3rd), the Unit Battle Royale is back! Once again, this brute-force popularity contest will feature a new public poll each day for 32 days to decide which units will advance through the tournament. Units will be pitted against each other in daily polls to see who is the most popular unit of them all!

Note that these polls aren't based on which units are the strongest, or the best sculpts, or the most cost-efficient; it's a popularity contest. Game potential will undoubtedly come into play, but people will also vote for units because they look neat, or have cool abilities, or just have a special place in their hearts for no predictable reason. The contest isn't about finding the 'best' units,...
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Online Heroscape Season 18!

Posted February 26th, 2015 at 10:15 AM by truth

Online Heroscape Season 18
(Click link for full details)
Sign-ups end March 1st.

Chance to win a Ticalla Jungle

*If we have 40 members sign up for Season 18, we will offer a Ticalla Jungle set to one lucky winner. In order to qualify, you must finish all 4 rounds of the tournament. The random door prize will be offered at the end of round 4.

This season, each round will alternate between First Crack and First Crack Pick Your Poison. Each player will submit two 570 point armies with a maximum of 16 figures each for the event. VC is allowed, no Marvel. The armies may not share any figures. Standard 24-hex startzone restrictions apply.

First Crack
  • Before each game, there will be a dice-off, done by the tournament organizers. The winner of the dice-off chooses first army choice or second army choice.
  • If the dice-off winner chooses
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Heroscapers Upgrade Thursday Night

Posted August 5th, 2014 at 03:55 PM by truth

Heroscapers will be down Thursday night/Friday morning while we perform an upgrade to our forum software. When we return, the site will look slightly different, but overall should be the same place you know and love, just with new features.

The highlights include:

Better PM system- allows sorting, filtering, quick-replying, and searching of your PMs. Also has a nice PM reply history feature.

@mentions - if you prefix someone you mention in one of your posts with an @ symbol (e.g., @truth, @Aldin, etc.), your post will inlcude a link to that person's profile page. That person can also see in their UserCP that you've mentioned them and can click on a link to go directly to your post.

Revamped user profile page - includes new customization options, friend lists, public messages, and a boatload of information.

Post attachments - Except in the...
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