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C3G Strategy - March 2018

Posted March 14th, 2018 at 01:20 PM by HS Codex

C3G Strategy Guide
Baron Zemo (Helmut)
By: Ronin

Analyzed Statistics

Left Box Breakdown
Species – Human (Synergy)
Uniqueness – Unique Hero
Class – Mastermind (Synergy)
Personality – Cunning
Size/Height – Medium 5

A unique hero with a size of medium 5 is basically the default setting for C3G, so, as ever, there’s not too much to talk about there. Being a human comes with some fringe benefits, as does being a mastermind—many of these come in the form of working with figures like civilians, bodyguards, and hired guns. More intriguingly, being a mastermind gives him some interesting army-building possibilities with the Penguin. More on those later.

That said, Helmut is more than a little
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'Scaper of the Month - March 2018

Posted March 8th, 2018 at 05:00 AM by HS Codex

’Scaper of the Month
Author: The Grim Reaper’s Friend

The previous ’Scaper of the Month, lonewolf, selected Cavalier as the next candidate. Unfortunately, Cavalier never responded to my invitation. Tornado, our C3G interview contributor, suggested that I interview japes, and the result you see before you. Enjoy!


Who are you really?

How old are you?
Lower 40-something.

What is your occupation?
Sr. Project Manager for a structural engineering company.

What’s another board game/RPG you enjoy and why?
I discovered modern board games much later in life and mostly due to this site. I have a non-gamer wife and a 10-year-old son, so we play a lot of Ticket to Ride games (USA, Europe, Switzerland, India, Nordic Countries), Forbidden Desert, Splendor
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C3G Interview - February 2018

Posted March 1st, 2018 at 02:19 PM by HS Codex

C3G Interview
Author: Tornado

This time around I thought it might be fun to get a new perspective and finally present some new material for the year. Sometimes you can get too close to a project and you need a fresh pair of eyes. It is my honor to present my first fan interview for C3G.

What led you to playing Heroscape and C3G?

I think I must have first heard of Heroscape from one of Tom Vasel’s Dice Tower videos, and eventually I grabbed three of the master sets (RotV, SotM, Marvel) off of eBay. The big draws for me were the easy rules, the wide variety of options for army building, and the tactical element of jockeying for height advantage.

The first play was a bit of a flop; my wife (my main gaming partner) in particular didn’t seem too enamored with the kitchen sink nature of the Heroscape
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C3G Interview - January 2018

Posted January 28th, 2018 at 08:04 PM by HS Codex

C3G Interview
Good Pig
Author: LordEsenwienIV

Here is another classic interview, this time with Good Pig. This interview originally aired January 24, 2011.

As a C3G Sidekick, do you have some words of advice for the allies?

Sure. Just try to find your niche within the C3G community and be willing and able to help out wherever you are needed. I’m still a pretty new member to C3G myself, and I’m looking to grow my skills in design and would love to possibly get into map making if I had the time.

How did you get chosen to be a sidekick?

I can’t say for sure; the heroes decided on that in secret. I’ve been trying to make use of my graphic design talents within the Art Department and I’m sure that has played a hand in my fast promotion.

Do you have a favorite unit? Why is he/she
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Customs Creation - January 2018

Posted January 22nd, 2018 at 03:00 AM by HS Codex

Customs Creation
Dripping with (Not Too Much!) Theme
Author: Scytale

Balance, theme, creativity, and playability are all key aspects of custom design. My previous article took a look at the aspect of balance. This article will examine how theme can—and should—affect a custom design, as well as the pitfall of becoming too enamored with it.

The original Heroscape designers decided that the theme they wanted for Heroscape was: “all themes!” Fantasy? Yep. Historical? Yes. Sci-fi? Definitely. It wouldn’t have to stop there either (though teddy bears and kitty cats might be stretching it from a classic canon perspective). Any warrior worthy of fighting on the battlefields of Valhalla is fair game.

That said, Heroscape usually sticks to tropes. For example, elves are nimble archers and magic users. While the game has its own take
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