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Random Ramblings - Just gotta talk

Posted June 2nd, 2009 at 09:38 PM by Heroscape Elffy
Well lets see. Summer Vacation started today, Wave 9 comes out at the end of this month, I have a tournament I'm going to in 11 days, I get to drive in less than 4 months, and I'm in good health. Seems everything is going well right now. I think that because I like to talk so much, I'll just talk about everything listed above in it's own brief little paragraph.

Summer Vacation

What's not to like for us school-age children? I mean, hey! I'm officially a Sophmore, I've got great friends to hang out with all summer, I get to see a girl I really like almost every day because we live really close to each other, and I don't have to go to school. This, my friends, rocks.

Wave 9
Let me say, I'm completely and utterly amazed. Truth and Co. have put alot of work into this wave, and it shows. It is completely amazing, what with the Dwarves and Native Americans, and all those cool new abilities! And I think I may just have to preorder 3 complete sets...
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400 Point Armies - Twin Cities Team Tourney - part 3!

Posted May 10th, 2009 at 01:17 PM by Heroscape Elffy
I'm back. Yeah. Run and scream and all that.

Team Tourney, 400 points apiece, single general army, 32 spaces to share, no glyphs.


Blastatrons x2
Gladiatrons x2

Total spaces: 24
Total Points: 800

Blastatrons x1

Microcorp x4


Microcorp x3


Microcorp x2


G'Nators x2

So basically, it's Vydar Day! Basically just working the agent armies over and over and over and over....etc. Q9, Braxas and Otonashi is a personal favorite to going with the Microcorp x4 army. Fun fun, right? Yep, bye.
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New Addicting Habit: WoW

Posted May 4th, 2009 at 05:16 PM by Heroscape Elffy
Updated May 4th, 2009 at 06:38 PM by Heroscape Elffy
Recently, I was given a link to a game. A game who's initials are much like the ones that many of you fear to return to once again. The game I am referring to, of course, is WoW. Not World of Warcraft, but World of Weirdscaper.

That's right. World of Weirdscaper. Dr. Weirdscaper, Maker of Big Maps, started up a new Forum RPG. You create your own character, using a variety of classes to choose from. You then travel around this world, encoutnering enemies, friends, and hideous things of an unknown nature. It is quite easy to learn, and once you play, it's hard to forget how.

New classes are realeased every month or so, so keep an eye out for a favorite if you don't like our current choices. The staff is very friendly and helpful, plus the fight scenes get pretty cool when you have an image of the map made in Virtual Scape. Again, World of Weirdscaper. Thanks for your time.

PS - You may now post comments.
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Elffy's Blog - One Year Strong!

Posted December 31st, 2008 at 01:01 PM by Heroscape Elffy
Updated December 31st, 2008 at 01:26 PM by Heroscape Elffy
Greetings all. I'd like to take a break from my Tourney Armies Blog Posts to switch to a more serious one.

First, thank you. To everyone who has made this site wonderful. Truth, for setting it up, the other admins, for putting up with us (I have May 8th marked on my calendar. LilNewbie Fan Club. PM for details. ), Mods for doing great jobs, BoV judges for making good unbiased choices, and most of all, the Site Supporters. I became one as a gift, so I do not count. The Site Supporters are truly magnificent, in that they donate out of their own pockets/bank accounts JUST to keep this site alive. (Onacara, thank you especially for setting up those contests to let younger members become Site Supporters.) If not for all of the above people, I wouldn't be here today to post this.

Alright, so the main point of this blog. I know, I know, I joined New Years Day. This is New Years Eve. So what, a day early never hurt anyone.

This site has always...
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400 Point Armies - Twin Cities Team Tourney - part 2!

Posted December 28th, 2008 at 04:09 PM by Heroscape Elffy
Updated December 28th, 2008 at 07:50 PM by Heroscape Elffy
Well, I'm back. With more random ramblings of armies! If you care not to remember, or are just now joining us, the Tournament is Team, 400 points, single general, no Glyphs, and both you and your partner have 32 spaces. So, I used that cool little EDIT feature in the last one to add an army in, but I guess I'll feature it in this one instead. This time, the teams are not both Jandar, or any other general for that matter. They are of OPPOSITE generals...Well, as opposite as you can get. This time, the armies are teamed up as Utgar and Jandar, which I find to be opposites. So, on with the show!

Army 2.1

*4th Massachusetts Line.x2..140..(..8.)
Knights of Weston.........x2..140..(...8.)
Sir Gilbert.........................105..(...1.)
Total Points............395
Total Hexes.............................17

Army 2.2
Arrow Gruts.................x2....80..(.6)
Swog Rider
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