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The Rat Plague of Dunwall

Posted March 10th, 2018 at 08:09 PM by flameslayer93
Dishonored 1 was a fun game, I bought it on release for the PS3 back in the day. Only did 1 playthough of it, and it was a fun ride. I had turned it back on from time to time for giggles. But, being a young spudding adult with work, a social life, and good olí heroscape I never had the time to give it another run.

Fast forward to last Saturday...? I saw Dishonored 2 was in stock at Walmart was in stock for $20. Iíve played the first couple levels so far, and Iím looking forward to playing it some more. The rats arenít the main issue this time around. Iím playing this run as Emily, since it seemed like this was her story. I might fiddle around as Corvo in a later run. They have different power sets, so thatís definately some incentive to run through it a second time.

Since wednesday though, I caught the plague. Or it seems that way. High fever, swollen throat, mucus. Itís been a miserable four days. I havenít been to work since Wednesday either. Man, my paycheck...

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