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This is a neater way of storing my playtests for my customs that I want other people to be able to see. I mostly intend on posting about units that I'd like to submit to the SoV.
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Yokai vs. Raptorians

Posted January 23rd, 2021 at 04:51 PM by Astroking112
Updated January 23rd, 2021 at 05:14 PM by Astroking112
This was one of the earlier tests that I ran of the Yokai as a whole (the first published post in this category is actually the most recent one, truth be told :embarrassed. The most notable change from their latter incarnations is Nure Onna, who was recently significantly redesigned.

No glyphs. Played with special Healing Waters scenario rules from the map instructions.
Astro: Masha Shingai, Abe no Seimei (130), Kincho (60, 3L/4D), Nure Onna (70) (370 Points)
Dawn: Beakface Sneaks x3, Quorik Warwitch, Beakface Rogue x2, Nottingham Brigand x2, Tarn Viking Warriors (370)

Versions of Yokai Used

Abe no Seimei (1 wound), Nure Onna (unwounded)
~175 Points Left

Nure Onna led out the game by moving immediately into the central healing waters, shifting with Seimei, and then moving back to nab height on a Sneak that had moved in for the attack. By the end of the round, Kincho teleported next to the waters, and by the end of the next round, Kincho teleported adjacent to the Quorik Warwitch, a Beakface Rogue, and a Nottingham Brigand on a small bit of height. This proved to be a dangerous gamble as he took 2 wounds from the Rogue before I could switch Masha in and take out one of the archers. Masha stayed there for the rest of the fight, receiving my X via Divination until he died to keep the Warwitch tied down and discourage any attackers.

The Nure Onna also managed to rush in and kill the other archer after disengaging from some Sneaks along the way. She was luckily safe, and was then able to stop Dawn from bonding with the Rogues anymore. Then we began playing a game of cat and mouse as I kept switching Nure Onna with other Yokai to disengage and try to get the optimal position to kill more figures and heal. Meanwhile, I maneuvered Seimei up onto the left main hill to shoot down on the Warwitch, dealing 5 wounds in 3 attacks to finish her off.

By that point, we were in the endgame. Dawn tried to kill off Kincho while within Masha’s Terror, rolling 1/3 skulls from height. Kincho got 1/4 shields, moved one space away into some water, and then the Nure Onna switched in to get two kills from height elsewhere. She did get up to 4 wounds twice, once relatively early on and the second time nearer to the end of the game. Each time, she was able to heal back up to full health, due in no small part to the healing waters rule that we were playing with (I managed to heal 4 different figures, getting two 18+ results, for a total of roughly ~120 points of damage healed by the scenario). Without those special scenario rules, which heavily benefitted me, the game would have been much closer, and there were still several points when Nure Onna was at 4/5 wounds that it could have flipped either way.

Both powers were used almost every turn. Divination was a huge boost to Masha’s effectiveness within the army, giving him an actual place.
Killed one TVN and dealt 5 wounds to the Warwitch for a total of ~105 points of damage.

Only got 1 turn before becoming a Terror machine, which was still quite useful for letting me focus on using Nure Onna to catch up with the squad kills.
Killed one Nottingham Brigand for 35 points of damage.

Never activated directly. Used Athletic Defense once (the other time, he blanked and took 2/3 wounds). Used Tanuki Trickery every round until the final two where he had died. Generally only used to set up additional Shapeshift movements, since Dawn mostly ignored him.

Nure Onna:
Used the Paralyzing Trap extensively to get more kills per turn. Even with getting so many attacks, she never killed more than 2 figures per turn.
In total, she killed 6 Sneaks, 1 Brigand, 2 Rogues, 3 Tarn Viking Warriors, and dealt 1 wound to the Warwitch, for roughly 190 damage dealt.
It’s important to note that she could have been cut off at several times with a little bit less luck or without the significant healing I received from our scenario. She’s definitely very strong on a map with good water placement and in special scenarios like this, but if she had fallen, then I would be able to kill at most 1 figure per turn out of Dawn’s 15. This likely would have completely flipped the game if she had died.

As a result, Dawn thinks that we should play another game without the healing rules before making any changes. Nure Onna might be necessarily good in this army to deal with squads, although that in and of itself is perhaps indicative of a problem in the way that the army has been designed. If a 5L/2D, 70 point figure is critical to have a chance of winning, then we might have a problem.

They seem really fun to use, and I really enjoyed fighting against them because they each did something different. It was interesting to see all of the creative ways that they could be shapeshifted or combined to set up different maneuvers. I did feel like they were overpowered, especially early on before it got so close at the end, but that was probably because of the large amount of additional healing that you were receiving with Nure Onna. I don’t think that any immediate changes should be made; we should test them again on this map without the healing rules.
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