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Map Making Theory: LoS blockers and choke points

Posted January 30th, 2010 at 11:23 AM by dok
This is the fifth post in a series about the theory of mapmaking. Part 1 was about glyph placement, part 2 was about map footprint size and shape, and part 3 was about map orientation and map symmetry, and part 4 was about elevation variance and small landings. This installment is about the interplay between line of sight blockers and map choke points.

Effective line of sight (LoS) blockers have become viewed as a crucial element of map design. Maps without some major LoS blocking features toward the center of the map are often reflexively rejected as being "shooting galleries" where ranged figures will be able to pick off melee armies as they advance. And there's certainly an element of truth to this, particularly if relative high ground can be found near the start zones. LoS blockers give cover to melee armies as they move forward, and perhaps even more crucially, force ranged armies to move to the side of LoS blockers and expose themselves a bit more in...

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