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What Is Your Favorite Wave?

Posted July 10th, 2012 at 09:18 PM by buckeyefan837
EDIT: I'm sure you have, but if you haven't, you can skip to the part about my opinion and use the waves as a reference.

Wave 1-
(4 Blade Grut Orcs, 3 Arrow Grut Orcs) (4 Roman Legionnaires, 3 Roman Archers) (3 Venoc Vipers, 3 Omnicron Snipers)
(Taelord the Kyrie Warrior, Tornak, Venoc Warlord, Kelda the Kyrie Warrior,
Marcus Decimus Gallus)

Wave 2-
(3 Marro Drones, 3 Minions of Utgar)
(4 4th Massachusetts Line, 3 Anubian Wolves)
(4 Knights of Weston, Swog Rider)
(Khosumet the Darklord, Me-Burq-Sa, Krug, Sir Denrick)

Wave 3-
(3 Microcorp Agents, 4 MacDirk Warriors)
(3 Shaolin Monks, 3 Sentinels of Jandar)
(3 Marrden Hounds, 3 Gorillinators)
(Alastair MacDirk, Concan the Kyrie Warrior, Deathwalker 7000, Johnny 'Shotgun' Sullivan, Saylind the Kyrie Warrior)

Wave 4-
(4 Sacred Band, 3 Armoc Vipers)
(3 Tagawa Samurai, Deadeye...
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