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HoSS Strategy - July 2016

Posted July 25th, 2016 at 01:39 PM by HS Codex

HoSS Strategy Guide
Jabba the Hutt
By: Fi Skirata

Leader of a massive crime syndicate and one of the most feared individuals on Tatooine, Jabba the Hutt is regarded with infamy across the Outer Rim. He has affiliations ranging from some of the most esteemed Bounty Hunters to lowly and expendable thugs, and has ties to a varying range of other criminal operations.

Analyzed Statistics:
Height – Large (This precludes him from some attacks and actions, such as standard force push.)
Life – 6 (An above average health level: this greatly increases his survivability.)
Move – 3 (Below average; he doesn’t have much maneuverability between his bulky sculpt and his low move, but, as his uses don’t require him to be close to his troops, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.)
Range – 1 (Melee only, as he tries to hit opponents with his log of a tail.)
Attack – 2 (A low attack for heroes; might kill off some common squad figures, but will be next-to-useless against heroes.)
Defense – 3 (On the low/average range for unique heroes; it will keep him alive for a bit, but he shouldn’t be left unprotected for long.)
Points – 140 (Tied for 14th most expensive HoSS figure, he is certainly on the higher end of the spectrum.)

JABBA'S MOST WANTED: At the start of the game, before placing Order Markers, choose up to 3 different Common Item Glyphs to be Bounty Hunter Rewards. When a Bounty Hunter you control destroys its Bounty, you may choose one Bounty Hunter Reward and place it on that Bounty Hunter's card. A Bounty Hunter may only receive one Bounty Reward per turn. Whenever the Bounty of a Bounty Hunter you control is destroyed, that Bounty Hunter may immediately choose a new Bounty.

UNDERWORLD CONNECTIONS: After revealing an Order Marker on this card and instead of attacking, you may take a turn with one Independent Hero or Independent Squad you control.

UNTOUCHABLE: Jabba the Hutt cannot be targeted for a non-adjacent normal attack while there is at least one unengaged Bounty Hunter you control within 2 clear sight spaces of Jabba the Hutt.

Overall Analysis

Being a general unit for the Independent faction, Jabba has a plethora of direct and indirect synergies that help make him a central part of the faction. One of his most far-reaching and useful synergies extends to the entirety of the Independent faction. Via Underworld Connections, Jabba can activate an Independent hero or squad and thusly serve as a convenient OM dump for the faction. This works especially well with the thug units (Duros, Quarrens, and Rodians), who can use their Gang Activity to move with any six ruthless thugs regardless of which squad was activated and attack using any three of those six. This allows for a nice degree of versatility in the field.

Another major synergy of his is with the bounty hunters. While he can activate them using Underworld Connections, he can also use Jabba’s Most Wanted to provide rewards to hunters that successfully ice their target and allow them to choose a new bounty after completing their previous bounty. Jabba also has a nice synergy with Bib Fortuna who is able to use his Majordomo power to copy a power from Jabba. This ability is best used to copy Underworld Connections to better help with army management.

While he has six life, his defense of three drops him down to an average level of survivability on his own. However, several synergy options help to increase his survivability a good deal. The best thing that helps is drafting him with a cheaper bounty hunter, like Greedo, whom you can afford to leave in the back with Jabba to prevent the use of non-adjacent attacks against him. You can also draft him with Dengar to have a longer ranged hunter that isn’t quite so handicapped by being left in the back. Having a squad of Gamorrean Guards is also helpful, as they work as sacrificial lambs for Jabba’s continued survival.

Having an attack of two and a range of one means his offensive capabilities are almost non-existent. While he might be able to fight back a squad unit or two who make it through his defense screen, he won’t ever be able to beat back an average or stronger hero.

While Jabba can work with many different combinations of Independent figures, there are a few that stand out above the rest. One of the best is pairing Jabba with Bib Fortuna + Gamorrean Guards x1 + Thugs x4 + Dengar for a 605 point army. Bib Fortuna can use his Majordomo power to copy Underworld Connections to also serve as an OM dump that can also roll for revival of one of your dead thugs twice a turn before allowing one of the other units to take a turn. The thugs serve as a variable group where you can use Duros, Rodians and Quarrens in different orders, based off of the map you will be playing on. They work well as expendable fodder and, if you are lucky, you can respawn an entire squad over the course of a round, making their numbers seem much larger than they truly are. The Gamorreans and Dengar serve as bodyguards for Jabba (and Bib). Position the Gamorreans next to Jabba and Bib to protect them from any surprise attacks, while you position Dengar in a spot two hexes away from Jabba where he can snipe at enemy targets using his Valken-38 Rifle Special Attack, which has a range of 10. This may require you to move forward with Jabba a bit to get Dengar into a good position, but considering his map coverage this shouldn’t be too much repositioning.

Another good combination is Jabba + Gamorrean Guards x1 + Dengar + Boba Fett + 4-LOM + C-3PO for a 600 point army. The Gamorrean Guards again serve as the perfect bodyguards for Jabba, while Dengar again will hang back to snipe people from afar and allow for Jabba’s Untouchable power to work. It is best to use him to pick off squad units due to the 1 attack of the power. Meanwhile, 4-LOM can partner with Boba Fett to take out the enemy’s heroes. Each time they kill a hero, they can then use Jabba’s Most Wanted to gain a new bounty to target. C-3PO meanwhile increases the chance the Jabba’s army will win initiative. While this is a small number of units for an army, it includes three strong hero units who can stand fairly well against most other heroes (especially Boba Fett). However, this army is better suited to go against one with a high level of heroes in it.

Units to Avoid:
Being a weaker unit, it is best for Jabba to avoid going against any units of substantial offensive capabilities. As he will be a major target, it is also good to be careful of enemy bounty hunters, as he will almost certainly be chosen as a target for Bounty, though this can be countered by having a strong defense around him, with a hunter and Gamorreans as bodyguards. In the end, the best thing to do is just keep him away from enemy units in general, for if he gets taken down then the central nervous system for your army will be severed (unless you had Bib copy his Underworld Connections power).
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