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Random thoughts from GenCon 2009 and an apology to PETE RUTH

Posted August 20th, 2009 at 10:21 PM by butchflannagan
Hello fellow Scapers. I have never felt the urge to write a "blog" entry before in my life. However, I do feel compelled to do so upon my return from GenCon 2009. I am going to skip the kudos and fanfare to the event organizers (but they did do a crackin' fine job) and just get down to my experience (I want to go to bed, lol). So here goes...

I do not play many games of Heroscape outside of my basement nor with many other people other than a close knit group of folks that I have gamed with for over 10 years now. Often times we do not select Heroscape as our top pick for a game to play. It is generally reserved for when my nephew comes to visit, who is 11. This arrangement works fine for me all year round. I play a few games of 'scape with my nephew and my friends, we have a good time and nothing more comes of it. However, this arrangement proved to be very faulty when it came to playing with opponents at GenCon. Before I go too far down one road here, every opponent...
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