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This one really happened... Part Dos

Posted November 13th, 2010 at 11:53 PM by BiggaBullfrog
Part 2 of a very true story. Part 1 found here.

Previously on This one really happened... : I had just finished my modeling portion of the Mr. UBIC competition. The tension was high. Who would win the $500 prize? Who would rise to the top? And who would turn traitor and allow a homicidal maniac into the auditorium? Oh, wait, I'm telling the truth. Fine, we'll forget the homicidal maniac part.

Anyway, the next part of the competition was the onstage interview. First we were supposed to tell a joke. I don't remember what my joke was, so you can think of your own and laugh at it. I'll give you some time for that.... Ha. I love that joke. It gets me every time.

Next was my question I was supposed to answer. There were some pretty random ones, but my question ended up being: "Who will be the next celebrity to receive a DUI?" Now that's a ridiculously easy question, and I quickly gave my response, Justbin Quieber*. Seriously, have you seen that...
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