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FFC #65 - An Update

Posted January 5th, 2021 at 02:09 PM by The Grim Reaper's Friend
TGRF's Fan Fiction Chronicles - Entry #65

In my last FFC, I explained how I needed to change my thinking from always focusing on 'the next fan fiction'. I realized that I needed to switch my focus to where my interest lay - and my interest isn't always on writing.

So I've done that. I've told myself that if I get an idea for a story, and the idea sticks around, I'll look into writing it. But if I don't, then I won't try to force things. As a result, I've been paying attention to where my interest currently is: developing games (don't expect anything to come of this; it's merely a creative outlet so far).

Now, while my interest is not on writing, my thoughts do turn there every now and then. And recently, I've been taking a look at my writing as a whole, and what I need to work on.

In my last FFC, I said I was going to finish up Valkyrie and post it. Now, I'd say there's a 90% chance that will NOT happen.

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