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There's Nothing "Casual" About It

Posted June 13th, 2011 at 02:34 PM by kolakoski
Well met!

The Gang of Four (+1) convened again for another exciting, hard-fought, nail-biting multiplayer game on Friday night. According to common Community parlance, it was a "casual" game, as opposed to "competitive." As can be seen from the description of the game, and the commentary that follows, that is an egregious misnomer (http://www.heroscapers.com/community...ad.php?t=36616).

As much as I have enjoyed the tournament experience, and hope again to do so in the future, especially to meet and compete against new people, or people I will only see at tournaments, the actual play is dry as dust, as compared to what our Gang regularly experiences on a typical game day. I have posted recently (http://www.heroscapers.com/community...ad.php?t=36396), suggesting a format within the standard tournament 1-hour time restriction. Now, I am thinking that the time limit itself is the problem.

The last tournament I attended was a 6-hour affair, at which I went 4-1 (http://www.heroscapers.com/community/blog.php?b=1777), and is fairly representative, with 5 games being played. I propose to lower that number to 2, with 3-hour time limits. Here's how it would work.

Suppose there were 20 competitors. All would play a scenario (like A Swell Party! (http://www.heroscapers.com/community/blog.php?b=1572), four to a map, with a 3-hour time limit. The winners would play each other in a 3-hour playoff game (while everyone else would be placed on other maps for the rest of the places). If there were an odd number of players, the scenario/map should be such that it can handle 3 and/or 5 players (so, with 21 players, either one 5-player game or two 3-player games in the first round). This concept would also work very well for team play.
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quozl's Avatar
3 hours? That's a long time for Heroscape.
Posted June 13th, 2011 at 03:08 PM by quozl quozl is online now
kolakoski's Avatar
Well met!

Not necessarily, but I'd be willing to go to three, 2-hour rounds.
Posted June 13th, 2011 at 03:15 PM by kolakoski kolakoski is offline
chas's Avatar
I'm sure alternate tournament structures will be seen. The D&D Dungeon crawls almost call for them. If only we could get that final Official scenario with the co-operative rules. I'm sure they will encourage this kind of thing!
Posted June 13th, 2011 at 06:06 PM by chas chas is offline
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