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Immortals Tourney Report - it's been a while.

Posted February 24th, 2011 at 09:05 AM by Knuth Sleuth
Updated February 24th, 2011 at 09:19 AM by Knuth Sleuth
Well, it had been a long time since I'd played. A baby and a new job will do that. Looking back, going for both changes simultaneously was not so wise....

Anyways, ObfuscatedHippo was kind enough to host an Immortals tourney (inspired by the Bay Area one cooked up by RoninValentia) and I had the weekend free. Woohoo!

So, beforehand, I did a bunch of theoryscaping about my immortal and it seemed obvious that everyone would bring Cyprien. That spurred a thread between OH, RV, and I. And the net was a few more changes from what they'd done in the Bay Area. OH had already put in a good group of changes like allowing ranged heroes, allowing Spiderman and Venom(!), and allowing a few large guys too, so our tourney was going to be pretty different.

Well assuming the meta was going to be Cyprien, I settled on either Venom, Cyprien, Q-10, and Torin. Torin is a fig I've always been fascinated with and wondered if I could make work. FishTako and I talked about various options and he was convinced Venom would clean house. Q-10 has range and is anti-Cyprien. Plus, of these, I've only ever played Cyprien.

Heh. Unfortunately that's as far as I got as work heated up and I ended building my armies the 2 hours before the tourney and at OH's place.

I settled on Torin and Q-10. I didn't want to be in the likely large number of Venom crowd and wanted to try some guys I'd never tried before.

My armies ended up being:

Torin 120
Stingers x3 300
Rats x2 380
Raelin 460
Marcu 480

Q10 150
Fen Hydra 270
Krav Maga 370
Morsbane 470
Isamu 480

The Torin army is probably a really standard Torin build. I hadn't used Torin and Stingers. Its the only way I could see Torin working. Hopefully, his battleaxe would play in my matches.

The Q10 Army was about having high powered solutions. For my Vydar component, it was black wyrmlings until at the last moment I picked the KMA. I really wanted to try the Airborne Elite, but thought Moresbane would be more amusing. This ended up being a bad oversight because Moresbane can't negate Immortals. - 100 points of deadweight. RTFM.

Spoiler Alert!

Net my thoughts are:
1. work backwards from the immortal. most matches go to sudden death, and you want to feel you have the advantage here. if there are treasures, some maps have them inaccessible to 2-base figs.

2. given the matches go to time, dealing damage to the immortal that sticks is all that matters. That means huge mobility/threat range at the end of regulation is important. This lets you put some wounds on the immortal that may stick. I saw many immortals kill themselves right before sudden death.

An interesting format. I wish there were a way to make regulation more meaningful. In a couple matches it felt like there was 50 minutes of posturing for a WoW mini's style mosh at the end.
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