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Greatest Heroscape Moment of All Time

Posted November 28th, 2010 at 01:19 PM by Bolo
Updated November 29th, 2010 at 08:20 AM by Bolo
I have several good friends who live about an hour away from me in Sanford NC, as I do not drive, (because I am color blind) it is hard to get down there as often as I would like.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Chad came up and took me down to spend the weekend with him. My wife is very supportive of my hobby and lets me spend an awful lot of time away from her to pursue my gaming needs. She feels that if I am going to spend a couple thousand dollars on a hobby I had better get the most out of it.

When we play we have a few house rules that we use to better incorporate the DnD units into classic Heroscape.

1st. All Elves are Elves, Half-Elves, Drow, Eladrin and anything else that could be considered an Elf is an Elf.

2nd. All constructs and War Forged are considered to be the same as Soulborgs as far as immunities go. This includes the Elementals and the Golem.

3rd. All Valkrill units are considered to belong to Utgar.

When we get together we like to play themed armies, because these are more fun and we can come up with reasons why we are battling to the death. We also do not always play equal point values as we do not like to use fillers that do not go with our themed armies, but we do try to stay close.

And now I give you a recap of our epic battle.

My Army: The Last Hunt
MotH X 2 280
QH X 3 300
Total 580

Chads Army: The Hard Place
WF X 3 240
Seige 120
Heirloom 90
IG 100
Total 550

Thumper's Army: Big, Bad and Ugly
DCoT X 4 220
OP X 2 200
OWH X 1 150
Total 570

We were playing on a medium triangular map with broken road and trees down the three sides (by broken I mean lots of height 1 or 2 elevations), height 3 and 4 hills between the road and the center of the map and low swamp and bushes in the middle, the center is actually 2 levels below the start zone.

After we set up Thumper rushes two squads of DCot down the sides of the map towards both myself and Chad.

First round, I win Initiative and send 1 MotH towards the WF while Thumper continues to send his Orcs to the WF and brings up an OP for me. Chad brings up Seige to act as a road block for the Orcs. The last two turns I send in the QH's and tear into the Orcs on my side while chad and Thumper battle it out with WF and Orcs while the OP takes out two of my QH's.

Second round, Chad wins Initiative and sends Heirloom my way hoping to take out some of my QH's, Thumper continues to pound on the WF with his Orcs and pound on the QH's with his OP. I manage to take out his OP with my defense rolls and roll right thru his Orcs with my multi-hitting QH's.

By the end of the fourth round Thumper has found himself between a rock (my army) and a hard place (Chad's army) and is eliminated.

It boils down to me with 1 full squad and 1 full life MotH and Chad with 4 WF soldiers and Seige with 2 wounds. By now we are playing in the middle as we are both coming from the sides that faced Thumper's army. We did not mean to hammer on him so hard it just kind of worked that way.

I was doing a great job of rolling for the MotH Javelin Throw and getting the extra range and was able to take out Seige while Chad sent in his WF to clear away my Hunters. Tactical Switch came into play a lot here in the swamp and he was able to consistently put my units in swamp water giving him the height. Do to our house rule, I was able to get the extra attack die for Techno Hatred but to no avail, that WF Resolve is tough.

By the end of round five all I had left was the MotH with 2 wounds to Chad's single WF. We started the round engaged and Chad wins Initiative, the WF has height so he rolls 4 dice and rolls all skulls, I pick up my 4 dice hands shaking and manage to block 1 wound leaving me with 1 life left. I move around him to get on the same level and roll my attack, 2 skulls and he auto blocks 1 so all he needs is 1 shield out of 2 dice, and he wiffs, I win by the seat of my pants and that is how a game should be, down to the wire and anybody's game.

We played several more games that night as we normally do, but this one stuck in my head as one of my numerous Greatest Heroscape Moments of all time.
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Corzan's Avatar
Ah, that is how a game should be. Like the time when a half-dead Estivara destroyed a full life Sujoah in one turn, for a win for me.
Posted November 28th, 2010 at 02:07 PM by Corzan Corzan is offline
chas's Avatar
I love the creativity of your house rules!

My MoH in a recent game out with the Long Island League as my last figure cut a swath through a Grut Orc army (Brunak couldn't chomp him because of his size), and was killed just before he almost won the game for me! Epic stuff...
Posted November 28th, 2010 at 06:52 PM by chas chas is offline
I Hate Atlaga's Avatar
Eh, Corzan, you know you lost that game on scoring? Yes, I know I'm stalking you.
Posted November 28th, 2010 at 10:24 PM by I Hate Atlaga I Hate Atlaga is offline
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