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The deeds of the storyteller, taking a chance to use this part of the platform to share my passion for Heroscape's storytelling, the narratives I create from it, and what I envision in the worlds attached to the Heroscape franchise.

I am also sharing some personal discoveries while embracing the journey through this community's existence and the series!

Created 8/5/2022
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A blog post theme I'm considering...

Posted February 24th, 2016 at 07:51 PM by Majora's Incarnation
So I've frequently pondered on the purpose of a blog and how to use one in expressing myself. In particular, having access to an exclusive Heroscape blog page makes me want to focus this area on Heroscape information.

So what thought could I share to people about a game that only lives through its fanbase, that specifically breathes the word myself into it?

Namely, what could stay alive for some time that will allow me to update it?

The idea came to me when I was adding categories to pages in the much disheveled HeroScape wiki page.

I looked and saw that much of the personality entries were written by a previous editor and was currently using a descriptive sentence that could/could not be argued to be a bias understanding of what that personality means.

And as I sat there, adding more categories and seeing more and more of these sentences, I thought:

"Why did the original design team create the mechanic of personality? Isn't that a trait more associated to role-play than anything?"

Underline role-play.

The moment I thought that I stopped and immediately wanted to expand the concept.

Yes, personality primarily in a meta-gaming sense does nothing but offer synergy.

But what about those fiction writers that want to conceptualize these units in a setting that stands outside the concept of adding attack dice in the presence of a unit that boosts that specific personality type?

^ Maybe I'm the only one that fits in that category, but aside from that, I found something I can Heroscaper blog about.

So for the next few months I want to write about the unit personalities in a role-playing and conceptual concept.

Personal questions I'll answer in each post:

Why this personality?

How can it be described?

How would it affect choices in the in-game lore?

How could someone describe this character's interactions based on it?

Since there are many personalities, I'll dedicate an article to each one. Some might be split into parts depending on existing character development from the original game.

This should be fun. Interesting even.

Appreciate any thoughts you might have below.
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Evar-Scarcarver's Avatar
I like this idea! Heroscape has always been a blend of theme and mechanics that opens itself up easily to theorizing about both strategy and lore, and it's good to see that even after all these years there's still stones left unturned.
Posted February 25th, 2016 at 12:19 PM by Evar-Scarcarver Evar-Scarcarver is offline
kolakoski's Avatar

Role Playing in Heroscape

Well met!

"Why did the original design team create the mechanic of personality? Isn't that a trait more associated to role-play than anything?"

I liked D&D, but found it too nebulous. Heroscape allows me to role play in a definitive context. I fielded Kaemon, in particular, so often that it became a joke at our Gang meetings. If this were D&D, he would have been me. Bahadur and Prince al'Kahora have been others that could be called personal avatars.

Scenarios I've written posit personalities and relationships among various heroes, Kaemon, Bahadur, and Prince al'Kahora, to name a few, beyond, or ignoring, existing lore. Similarly for the customs I've created.

Species, Class, and Personality inform the various Special Powers on the Cards. Without these, Heroscape would be just another skirmish miniatures wargame.

Posted October 23rd, 2019 at 02:57 PM by kolakoski kolakoski is online now
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