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Posted May 19th, 2011 at 02:32 PM by aquamaniac27
Since the 'demise' of scape, I pretty much stopped haunting this site. Doesn't mean I quit scape though, and have been really busy working on A TON of customs.

Like my emerald guys.

I need to pick up some moss to finish 3 pieces of jungle terrain, and finish painting some rocks.

As for figures, my internet is too sucky to upload that many cards right now, I'll slowly be working on getting them up over summer break (Rabbit trail: finished 1st year of college; highlight being 4 months to do whatever I want over summer!).

I had a bunch of DnD minis, and WoW figures as well, which have been cut apart or just rebased. With a ton of extra RotV figs as well, i made some mods. Right now I'm working on another Einar Kyrie hero.

But to just list some of the things that I have finished (and will eventually put up);
-Goblin Assassin
-Yuan-Ti Warrior
-Othkurik's Hand (I have a card up here somewhere already)
-Guardian of the Moor
-Swamp Behemoth
-Dragonborn Aquamancer
-Acidwing, a small-ish black dragon for Vydar
-The Arbiter (Halo)
-Redone Predator
-Skeletal Priest
-Human Mage
-2 Draenei Paladins (one healer, the other Retribution)
-Jedi Warrior squad
-Assassin Droid
-Darth Vader
-And these guys.

They are all going through the C3V pretest thing. I think this may have been used with C3G as well? I just use their cards.

Some of them have been done.

Anyway, I think its back to my painting area.
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Emerald guys are awesome!

YAY! First post on this blog.
Posted May 19th, 2011 at 06:04 PM by
BassistofDoom's Avatar
I second the Emerald statement. Those guys are really cool; the paint job and the actual custom.
Posted May 19th, 2011 at 06:21 PM by BassistofDoom BassistofDoom is offline
aquamaniac27's Avatar
I really cant wait for this stupid weather to go away so I can finish them and get a nice pic for their card.
Posted May 20th, 2011 at 12:40 AM by aquamaniac27 aquamaniac27 is offline
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