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FFC #110 - August Update

Posted August 21st, 2023 at 07:14 PM by TGRF
TGRF's Fan Fiction Chronicles - Entry #110

Well it's been a bit.

The reason there haven't been any updates, is because... there haven't been any updates. Dawn of Darkness has continued to progress, and there has been no earth-shattering news relating to my writing endeavors.

However, I have this morning completed the first (and final) draft for DoD. For me, this is a cross between an outline and the final product - scenes are written out in story-form, but some edges might still be rough, and there's room for refinement. All of which will happen during the actual writing. This has also given me an opportunity to identify any shortcomings now, rather than while I'm writing the story, thus enabling me to fix them next time around. So that's a plus.

My last suggested release date for DoD was sometime in September, and that... has actually not changed. Depending on how long the writing takes, it could end up in early November,...
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Future SoV Candidates?

Posted August 9th, 2023 at 05:36 PM by kolakoski
Updated September 7th, 2023 at 11:47 AM by kolakoski

Well met!

D&D Onslaught! Just what I was looking for! From the core game.

Captain Akuma
General: Utgar
Demon, Unique Hero, Captain, Tricky, Medium 5
Life 5, Move 5, Range 1, Attack 4, Defense 3

First Mate
At the start of the game, choose a Small or Medium Unique Hero you control to be Captain Akuma's First Mate. After revealing Order Marker 1 on this Army Card, before taking Captain Akuma's turn, you may first take a turn with Captain Akuma's First Mate. Any Special Power on the First Mate's Army Card that would take a turn with a different Army Card cannot be used this turn. Any Unique Hero taking a turn as Captain Akuma's First Mate must be within 8 clear sight spaces of Captain Akuma.

Tail Whip
After moving and before attacking, choose a small or medium
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worthless thread clother plotting in his secret island lair
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OHS Map Creation Tutorial

Posted July 20th, 2023 at 04:22 PM by superfrog
Interested in creating your own maps for OHS? Check out my tutorial below!

Let me know if you have any questions.
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This is merely a joke.
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FFC #109 - July Update & Return of DoD

Posted July 11th, 2023 at 04:24 PM by TGRF
TGRF's Fan Fiction Chronicles - Entry #109

If there's one thing writing these FFCs has taught me (and probably others as well), it's that I cannot be trusted in my predictions of what is to come.

I've learned to give things time to change - at least a week - before I make any announcements about what fan fiction is or is not coming. This has worked for the most part, keeping me from making wild predictions based on a single day of interest (or lack thereof).

For that reason, when, back in June, I lost all interest in the writing of Dawn of Darkness, my latest fan fiction, I gave things a week before calling it. During that week, I had absolutely zero interest in the story. It was 100% dead. I had turned to my novels, and had no desire to return to DoD. So I called it. I said DoD was likely shelved, and that no fan fiction was currently in the works.

I did give myself one caveat, saying that I could get a new idea for the story...
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Thank You!

Posted July 11th, 2023 at 12:18 PM by kolakoski

Well and truly met!

Over the last several days, I have been obsessed with the creation of a new unit for induction into the SoV. I have been extremely self-indulgent about it, and pestered many of you with my constant revisions. You have all been very kind to me through it all.

I vaguely recall going through a similar process prior to Kha's induction. Then, too, the Community was nothing but kind and supportive.

So I am taking this opportunity to say "thank you" to you all for indulging me for all these years - and in anticipation of the unfortunate necessity for your continuing to do so in the future.

Thanks so much!


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worthless thread clother plotting in his secret island lair
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