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Getting Ready for GC 2015

Posted June 21st, 2015 at 10:45 AM by Hendal
Hey All,

Just looking over my 3 other lonely blogs here and thought I would write another. It is that time of year and GC is getting close, I have so little HS stuff down here in Costa Rica this year it is kinda sad. I have to set up some GC boards today so I can get some practice in on the real boards, something I always say I will do , but sadly I hardly ever do.
This year with GC coming 2 weeks early I am heading state side sooner this year. The good news is I actually booked my ticket a week earlier then I was planning on so I could get in some Heroscape with SWNinja & his wife, cause they are on vacation the week before GC which means I am heading up 2 weeks early instead of just a week -- as luck would have it WOOKIE is having a tourney in Ohio I will be attending.

So I have not gotten in much Heroscape this year in the jungle, I have actually been playing a lot of Battlelore 2nd ed. - it is ok , but lame compared with HS, but still a fun game.

I am signed up for all HS events except the open play with the CVS battle, Last year I just designed armies the night before or the morning of, this year I actually plan on having all the armies already designed and ready to go - to be honest I have even been thinking of getting a big plastic box on wheels to bring all the HS stuff with me -- verses my wallmart plastic bags that I am famous for. I am thinking this year to bring all my HS figures and cards to the Convention and have it there so when people need a couple of units or hero's I will have them there. I have wound up borrowing stuff the last few years - so it is my turn to give back.

Being the current 4x4 champion that is one I want to really concentrate on. Also I love Capture the Flag, and always want to do well there. General Wars is always just so much fun deciding what General to use - I love me Ullar, but will probably go with Utgar so I can have my marro kicking ass again. I am bummed there is no war of the world this year, that was a cool idea for a tourney.

I want to throw out there after GC this year, that we have a tourney at GC that is for Heroscapers who miss the old tourneys - and we all have to bring a prize and we all go home with a prize. When I use to run tourneys the best part was all the extra prizes and having giant roll offs with 40 people all rolling D20's all around the room at the same time.

And if this HS 2.0 ever comes out - Magic the gathering the board game I will probably jump ship and be all over that if Hasbro is backing it and giving out prizes -- man HS at GC is still amazing but with out the Hasbro support the prizes are just not the same. I remember a few years SWNinja & I would fill up the back of the car with all the prizes. Rooming with Rycean - who use to run it all at GC for HS - he would come back to the room at night and throw another HS expansion at me and be like " You got a prize for 3rd place and you left you dumba$$, so I picked up your prize for you but picked the worse of the 2 prizes so 4th place got the better expansion since you left, he he " -- and I was like - Awesome!

The Main Event is now very interesting with the reverse the whip. Bring a great army to make sure you get in, but have to face that tough army the next day, or go with a weak army and hope you get in so you have a great chance on day 2. Fun stuff I say, looking forward to it again. So I will be in 7 tourney, 8 if I make day 2 of the main event. I am hoping that will scratch my itch for HS for a while - it won't but it will feel oh so good to scape all day with people who love scape like I do.

Which makes me think back to the last 2 GC's. The landscape is changing at GC for HS. You have a lot of people who got into it late and do not have all the figures and are not seasoned veterans of the tourney scene. It use to be you faced off against real competitors right away, now I am getting in a game to 3 per tourney against people who do not know the game as well and make for an easy match ( most of the time ). Now I am always like - give me someone who does not know the game that well. And when you get your 2nd and 3rd round against a noob it is just gravy in a way. Of course when you lose to them it is all the worse, cause your thinking the whole time I got this, this guy is clueless. But at the end of the day it is a dice game, and if your rolling well you will win the day.

To everyone going to GC this year - I am looking forward to hanging out in the HS area. I still believe we have the best group of gamers at GC - and I am happy to part of that group.

Game On'
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rym's Avatar
Nice blog, Hendal.

It was nice meeting you - and staying with you - in the monkey room a few years ago at GC. We played team tournament against each other. You with R˙chean, me with DrLivingston. I honestly don't remember who won, but I'm inclined to say you guys as I don't remember. I only remember your damn Marro Hounds.

Anyway, hope you do well.
Posted June 23rd, 2015 at 11:44 PM by rym rym is offline
Tornado's Avatar
What day are you heading to Indy?
Posted June 24th, 2015 at 12:33 PM by Tornado Tornado is online now
Hendal's Avatar
Rym - thanks so much, my memory is kinda fuzzy from the Monkey room to be honest, he he. I am partnered with Ry again this year, and back in the monkey room - I was not last year and it felt weird not to be there ( ok I did hang out there a lot anyways )
T -- Actually I head to Gencon on Tues., I have friend who sell drinks on the warped Van's tour so I am there with them hanging for the day, not sure where I will be staying that night, but I am in INdy very Early Wend. with nothing to do - I do get to help set up HS on Wend. which is awesome
Posted June 28th, 2015 at 06:36 PM by Hendal Hendal is offline
Tornado's Avatar
I believe we will be arriving on Tuesday as well.
Perhaps we can get some Heroscape(C3G) in on Wednesday.
I am not sure how much scape stuff we will bring though. Perhaps a roll up map and some buildings for a small city map. Things are still a bit shaky.
Posted June 29th, 2015 at 11:46 AM by Tornado Tornado is online now
Cleon's Avatar
I'm excited to scape and hangout once again Tom!
Posted July 14th, 2015 at 12:32 AM by Cleon Cleon is offline
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