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C3V Wave 21.5 - Large Expansion Pack 5 NHSD Release!

Posted October 23rd, 2019 at 09:56 PM by truth
C3V Wave 21.5 - Large Expansion Pack 5

DISCLAIMER: This is not official. This is a fan made custom project.

C3V Public Announcements Thread
This is where you can go to get started with C3V (Classic Customs Creators of Valhalla).
This thread lists all the units C3V has released: C3V Books of Index.

Happy National Heroscape Day!!!

C3V brings you Large Expansion Pack CVL2, otherwise known as:

Navess's Repentance

Large Expansion Pack 5

Come one, come all, friends and fans!

It is time for a huge announcement! And by huge, we mean HUGE!!!

Stomping onto interlocking terrain on a forested, or perhaps volcanic, map near you is this ENORMOUS release!

Marutuk - Valkrill
Brontos - Aquilla
Avernus - Utgar
Deltacron - Jandar
Hrognak - Utgar




It was only a matter of time before General Valkrill summoned the mightiest hunter on all of Toril. Her hulking frame lives to do one thing and one thing only: chase down and destroy Valhalla's most fearsome creatures. Behold the slayer of dragons, mortals!

The figure used for this unit is a D&D figure from the War of the Dragon Queen set. Its model number and name is Bluespawn Godslayer #26.




The massive cyclops Brontos had been living alone in his cave on Toril for many years, emerging only to sell or trade some wondrous item from his hoard. But Aquilla knew that this lumbering giant could make a powerful champion when the time came for him to use his smith's hammer for war. Brontos is fearsome in battle and will take prisoners!

The figure used for this unit is a Safari Ltd figure. Its name is Cyclops.




Avernus, the final arrival from Toril, will burn what he cannot conquer. His scorched-earth tactics make him a great asset for Talingul's construct armies. Good luck putting this fire out, General Jandar!

The figure used for this unit is a Reaper figure from the Bones line. Its name is Large Fire Elemental.




Another long-awaited arrival, Deltacron has finally been summoned from Alpha Prime. Damaged in a crucial battle with the Zettians, he was quickly repaired with scraps of defeated enemies, but these pieces still have a mind of their own. . . Is he stable enough to make a difference for Jandar on the battlefield? Time will tell.

The figure used for this unit is a Mechwarrior figure from the Solaris VII Heavy Class Action Pack set. Its name is Cave Lion.




The earth trembles beneath you. Do not stand on the road! You are not safe! Hrognak's legend has indeed grown. He now sits atop a mighty trihorn, and if you are lucky enough not to get trampled, you may live long enough to get shot with an arrow.

The first figure used for this unit is a D&D figure from the Blood of Gruumsh set. Its name is Orc Archer. The second figure used for this unit is a D&D figure from the Lords of Madness Set. Its name is Trihorn Behemoth.


"What is that amazing mini? You didn't announce that one!" I hear the cry coming from our fans who so carefully watch our mini announcements. Our dedicated public playtesters also are staring, mouth agape, at this magnificent beast, which they have never seen before, either.

"You never announced this mini! You never even released it for public playtesting!"

True, true. This magnificent beast is a tri-horn mini, with your second Orc Archer mini from the Blood of Gruumsh box mounted on top. As for the platform - the "howdah" - and the armor on the side, that is all custom-constructed and hand painted by our own talented Soundwarp SG-1.

And if you want this beautiful beast for yourself, complete with hand-constructed and hand-painted howdah and armor attached, then just shoot him a PM at "Soundwarp SG-1." As of this posting, the going rate is $10 + shipping for a fully equipped, constructed, and painted trihorn. Supplies are limited, but not *that* limited. Mount your own Orc Archer on top, and done! (What's that you say? You don't have a Blood of Gruumsh Orc Archer? Use an Arrow Grut. We'll never tell.).


Happy National Heroscape Day, friends! We've got more stuff coming at you soon, so keep checking our miniature announcement thread and our Public Playtesting forum for previews of what's in our pipeline. We couldn't do it without you.

Happy 'Scaping,

C3V Artist and Admin
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Lazy Orang's Avatar
Wow, Hrognak looks bleeding awesome! Never thought I'd see anything that cool. How long does that offer last?
Posted October 24th, 2019 at 07:16 AM by Lazy Orang Lazy Orang is offline
Dad_Scaper's Avatar
Until 15 minutes before you're ready to order, LO!

Seriously, we have a lot of them. So hurry, because they're limited, but we do have a lot of them. So they aren't *that* limited.
Posted October 24th, 2019 at 09:50 AM by Dad_Scaper Dad_Scaper is offline
These are SOOOO cool
Posted October 24th, 2019 at 12:05 PM by Knox Knox is offline
Seb from space's Avatar
Very nice wave ! Thanks.
Posted October 24th, 2019 at 12:50 PM by Seb from space Seb from space is offline
Scytale's Avatar
Actually, Marutuk does not normally take leaving engagement strikes from figures she passes through, because she is double-based. As one side leaves engagement to enter the figure's space, the other side enters engagement. So she never actually leaves engagement.

On a flat surface, at least. Marutuk could climb out of engagement as she leaves the figure's space, at which point yes, it would get a leaving engagement attack.
Posted October 24th, 2019 at 01:23 PM by Scytale Scytale is online now
kolakoski's Avatar

Power Creep?

Well met!

Thugs and more thugs.

Posted October 24th, 2019 at 02:02 PM by kolakoski kolakoski is offline
flameslayer93's Avatar
I don’t know Kolokaski.

>Vs non-large/huge armies Marutuk is a single attacker who gets outclassed by any dragon and is only somewhat better than Hercules in armies he directly counters.

>Brontos is a cheaper Jotun/Bramcephys crossbreed with worse stats.

>Avernus can burn his own bros, so you’ll either have to worry about positioning them or drafting Lava Resistant troops, and he still has a weakness to a common terrain type. LEA’s are also more likely than Wave of Flame rolls. Strong positioning players can kill him easily.

>Omegacron has big stats, but has a doable chance of being handed to an opponent. He also doesn’t benefit much from Repulsors, since his special attack is unboostable. At this point, he’s a niche unit. Forever outclassed by Krav and sharing a similar slot as NGS at 90.

>Hrognak 2.0 fills his own shoes, but a 205 point figure who primarily boosts the movement of mooks isn’t much better than Mimring and 2 Swogs, which his price reflects kindly.
Posted October 24th, 2019 at 02:32 PM by flameslayer93 flameslayer93 is offline
P_J_Keller's Avatar
These look great. Thank you C3V - your hard work in keeping this game alive is so appreciated

PM already sent to Soundwarp
Posted October 24th, 2019 at 04:43 PM by P_J_Keller P_J_Keller is offline
Cyber Controler's Avatar
if Brontos abducts one of your own figures do you have to attack it if you attack? as worded I would say yes but just wanted to be sure
Posted October 24th, 2019 at 05:36 PM by Cyber Controler Cyber Controler is offline
Lazy Orang's Avatar
By my reading, yes. However, you could just forfeit his attack. Not sure why you'd do anything else, tbh.
Posted October 24th, 2019 at 05:57 PM by Lazy Orang Lazy Orang is offline
Sir Heroscape's Avatar
you don't have to attack the figure with Brontos. He could pick up Raelin or some other figure and get them into position but forego the attack phase.
Posted October 24th, 2019 at 06:28 PM by Sir Heroscape Sir Heroscape is offline
bmon's Avatar
Nice. There are some figures that can finally be dusted off and put to action. Great stuff! Thanks C3V and all the playtesters! And a special thanks to Soundwarp for taking on some serious Hrognak duties!!
Posted October 24th, 2019 at 07:31 PM by bmon bmon is offline
Anybody have tips on the cheapest places to find these figures? I've never been into the hobby/minis scene at all except for heroscape
Posted October 24th, 2019 at 07:40 PM by Knox Knox is offline
robbdaman's Avatar
For Avernus Reaper has the Large Fire Elemental though it's probably best on Amazon, especially if you have Prime.

Brontos Safari LTD Cyclops is also pretty good on Amazon but direct from Safari is on sale right now.

Deltacron is part of the Mech Warrior Solaris VII Heavy Class Action Pack which has a bunch of other great minis and is cheapest at Hill's Wholesale Gaming.

Bluespawn Beholder the Bargains has it cheapest ATM.

PM Soundwarp for Hrognak, it's the best deal.

Beyond this eBay can get you some good deals.
Posted October 24th, 2019 at 09:19 PM by robbdaman robbdaman is offline
Love all the figures in this release!! Just sent Soundwarp SG-1 a pm to get one of his customized Tri-horn minis. Now to search the web for the rest of the figures! Great job gentlemen 👏
Posted October 26th, 2019 at 10:04 AM by princiefuqua princiefuqua is offline
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