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Escape Through Endor! - a HoSS Scenario

Posted July 10th, 2013 at 01:25 PM by kolakoski
Well met!

Awesome, it's like Endor!

~ Arch-vile, referring to early pic of this map.

I can't wait for the scenario Kolakoski. . . . I may just have to try and build this one myself and see how well it plays . . . probably have to wait a little for the other pictures though.


Your wait is over, AMIS! I did have a vague idea of setting this in a forest a la Escape Through the Haunted Forest!, and will be more specific about simulating platforms among trees in my next HoSS map. I was really thinking of a center power source of Molten Lava beneath platforms in a sort of industrial setting, with Elevators solving the problem of excessive height Castle Set pillars pose, and Rope Swings for stereotypical, heroic travel between platforms. The Lava and platforms were therefore built first, with the Trees and Jungle, and the Start Zones, with Palms and pillars, added...
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