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My feelings on DnD scape

Posted August 31st, 2009 at 04:31 PM by Hogg
I have pretty strong feelings about the New DnD release. I have been posting around the board and have compiled my postings here. Here are my thoughts and feelings on the new set:

What is added to heroscape by merging these brands? My answer is not much.

HS already has everything that DnD has, Elves, orcs, dragons, magic, and on and on.

The thing HS had going for it is how generic everything was. When you look at an orc you could see a DnD orc a LotR orc, or anything else your mind could conjur up. By concreting the themes like this it takes a lot of that away.

But relax, they'll release one Master set, show an expansion, never release it, and then kill the line.

Things I have noticed from the box text:

Einar is now a "good" general.

None of the names of characters come up on google. They must be all original.

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