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This is simply my blog of my opinions or just other things that come up. If you disagree with me, that is fine, I will not be like "You are wrong and evil and..." You might even be able to sway me. However, if you do something as severe as bash video games, then I will be like "You are wrong and evil and... You <insert curse word>..."
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1000 Point Armies

Posted April 14th, 2008 at 03:50 PM by Garet Jaxx
Updated April 15th, 2008 at 01:37 PM by Garet Jaxx (Addition)
This is a collective list of some of the 1000 point armies I have thought of. None of these armies contain more than 3 of any squad (except zombies). We usually play on really big boards with this size army, so consider that when viewing my armies. I give some details on how to use them, but not all the details on how I use them. If I did, people would look at this and use it against me when I play. Those played will be listed as played and some played a lot will be rated out of 10. I will add on as I go. If you do use these, I would love some feedback and rating with reasons.
*indicates an important character

Orcs (played) 9/10
4 Swog Riders**
Arrow Gruts x2
Blade Gruts x3
Heavy Gruts x3

Orcs require big maps. They can hold a bridge or whatever for a long time, but are better in large areas. They are a horde. If your opponent is passive, you can set up your swogs. If not, you can bond with Krug. Keeping Nerak and another hero with you heavies will give them a total defense of 5. Plus an autokill from Grimnak is not bad.

Ullar in general (played) 7/10
Warriors of Ashera x3
Deadeye Dan*
Armoc Vipers x2
Aubrien Archers x2
Venoc Warlord*

This army is really well rounded and can pretty much be played anywhere. With high movement and long range, you should be pretty good on big maps. The warriors of Ashera are good at guarding high traffic areas. A lot of people here have frenzy too, but that doesn't matter because you are never going to get it. The Warlord is pretty studly with his enhancements (which help Theracus too). Deadeye Dan creates a big fear factor for approaching squads. Plus no one is really the most important figure.

Mostly Samurai (similar army used) unrated

Ashigaru Harquebus x2
Hatamoto Taro*
Izumi Samurai
Tagawa Samurai Archers x2
Tagawa Samurai**
Kaemon Awa*
Ninjas of the Northern Wind
Kozuke Samurai

This army is pretty well rounded. You have some decent range and a lot of good attack and defense. The Ashigaru have to be guarded with only one defense. Hatamoto Taro is a pretty good boost to your couterstrike, although he is not altogether that good. DO NOT LET THE TAGAWA SAMURAI DIE! If they get a few kills, they become a squad of Sgt. Drakes. Another bonus, the ninjas never die.

Marro+Hellbeast(similar army used) unrated

Marro Drones x3
Marro Stingers x2
Marro Drudge x3
Marro Hive*****

WHATEVER YOU DO AS LONG AS YOU LIVE ON THIS EARTH, DO NOT LET THE HIVE DIE! This way, you can expend your squads as you please with no consequence. You have plenty of heroes to guard it. Su-bak-na adds one to all of your 20d rolls, very good. Plus, Runa (hellbeast) can run into a horde and inflict at aleast a little damage. She is really hit or miss. [This army requires a hive spot] Again, DO NOT LET THE HIVE DIE.

Borgs & Agents (seen not used) unrated

Gladitrons x3
Blastitrons x2
Microcorp Agents x2

Extreamly high range with laglor. With proper usage, all of the range squads have high attack too. You can home in with the Blasties, or just let you Gladies hold the target while Optimus Prime and Megatron destroy your victims. With height, Microcorp are good, as well as in water. Plus, they can act independantly.

OMG, a flippin' Dragon (unused) unrated

Sgt. Drake Alexander (SotM)*
Sir Gilbert*
Knights of Weston x2
Airborne Elite
Omnicron Snipers x2
Raelin (RotV)**

All right, make fun of the snipers, but they are good. You have to get height to be awesome, but they are good without. If you keep Raelin next to them, they have pretty good defense. Gilbert Moves the knights so they don't die during the march. Airborne Elite are pretty good for a quick strike with the grenades and all. People will flee from drake or special attack him. Be careful not to release the dragon too early. This is why I hardly ever use large people, I send them out too soon. So you should be pretty good with 2 titans on your team.

Soldiers and other (similar army used) unrated

Einar Imperium x3
Empress Kiova*
Tagawa Samurai Archers x2
Izumi Samurai
Marcus Decimus Gallus**
Kozuke Samurai
Roman Legionnares x2

But the Einar Imperium are 140 point. Be quite and let me talk. Yes they are expensive, but very good. Their only flaw is that they die on the way to battle. The plus one move from Marcus gets them there and if you can find a way to use Kiova (please tell me if you do) they don't die so fast. Not much range here but the Kozuke samurai might as well be. Save Marcus for last so you don't lose your plus one move on the Imperium.
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albertic26's Avatar
Holy crap thats huge!!!
are they all heros or common soilders?
Posted April 14th, 2008 at 07:17 PM by albertic26 albertic26 is offline
1000 point armys are cool if the is huge.
Posted April 14th, 2008 at 07:43 PM by Strider 321 Strider 321 is offline
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