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Ridiculously simple OM management armies

Posted January 4th, 2009 at 05:06 PM by dok
I was just idly thinking... if you were only allowed to put OMs on a single card, what 500 point, 24 hex armies would be playable? The inability to fill in with other units makes the 500 point limit a lot more restrictive. Here's what I could come up with. OM sink in bold.

200 Kato Katsuro
180 Ashigaru Harquebus x3
120 Ashigaru Yari x3
500, 25 hexes (lose one figure)
Comments: The one that got me thinking. Other than the well-known problem (crappy defense) this is a solid army.

120 Arrow Gruts x3
100 Swog Rider x4
120 Krug
150 Mimring
490, 21 hexes
Comments: Another pretty standard army.

160 Marro Hive
240 Marro Stingers x4
100 Marro Druge/Drones x2
500, 24 hexes
Comments: It's tough to make good use of the Hive with only 24 hexes to work with.

250 Roman Legionnaires x5
100 Marcus Decimus Gallus

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