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No Scape for thanksgiving

Posted November 29th, 2008 at 04:35 PM by Hendal
I got in some gaming, but there was no heroscape for me this turkey day, sad really, but living in the jungle it is to be expected. Scape is a tough one to teach new people and get a real game out of it. It is going to take someone a while to get up to speed on playing, then a lot longer to know all the cards and how they all work together, which means most of the game si play are me 100-200 pts. down, which really sucks and doesn't let me get the synergy I would like to have in an army.

Our house should be done by Mid Jan. of 2009 - and you should see the Heroscape room I have made, a very big room on the back side of the house at the end of a very large wrap around porch. I can not wait to have everything set up always. I now go to a friends and I spend at least 45 minutes setting up a board and then settting up the guys we have on hand ( my collection is so spread out I never have all of them together at once down here at least - In Canton it is all together, but...
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