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Captain XuŤ

Posted July 1st, 2023 at 11:31 AM by kolakoski
Updated July 27th, 2023 at 05:20 PM by kolakoski

Well met!

It's been 4 years since Kha was inducted into the SoV. Mucked around a bit since then with a few customs, as some of you know, but nothing really gelled - until now. Although just in the beginning stages of development, I'm delighted to present this beautiful sculpt

Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes #4,
Lirianne, Half-Elf Gunslinger

to those who have been so supportive of my previous efforts. Please let me know what you think.

Well met!

See discussion in Kolakoskiís Pre-SoV Custom Corner.

Captain XuŤ Bio

Grace Shen Fu-Tsung, the illegitimate daughter of Michael Shen Fu-Tsung and his Irish mistress, was the personal physician to Gantimur, the leader of the Hamnigan Buryat. During a trip to Moscow, her ship was attacked, and she was captured by Banguingui pirates. She became the pirate captain's consort and, when he was killed in a raid, took over as the compromise leader of the crew. She was ruthlessly successful, and became their permanent captain, known throughout the Sulu Archipelago as Captain XuŤ.

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Well met!

Tentative Bio:

GrŠinne O'Hara was born in the bustling port city of Eldermoor, nestled in a land where humans and elves coexisted. Her father, a wealthy human merchant, had fallen in love with a beautiful elven woman, and their union produced GrŠinne and her twin brother, Declan. From a young age, GrŠinne displayed a fiery spirit and an insatiable desire for adventure.

Growing up in a world divided by social hierarchies, GrŠinne was constantly aware of the barriers placed upon her due to her mixed heritage. Resentful of the discrimination faced by her elven mother, GrŠinne strove to break free from societal norms and expectations. She yearned for freedom and sought refuge in legends of notorious outlaws who had defied authority.

As the years passed, GrŠinne's rebellious spirit only grew stronger. She developed exceptional skills in swordplay, navigation, and marksmanship, inspired by tales of fearsome pirates and buccaneers who ruled the high seas. Driven by her insatiable thirst for freedom and adventure, GrŠinne decided to carve her own path and embraced her destiny as an outlaw.

Equipped with her twin flintlock pistols, her symbols of defiance and rebellion, GrŠinne swiftly built a reputation for herself as a formidable outlaw. Her steely determination and disciplined nature allowed her to navigate not only the treacherous waters of the open seas but also the cutthroat world of pirating. GrŠinne established a crew of loyal misfits, thieves, and lost souls who shared her longing for a life outside the confines of society.

With the sea as her domain, GrŠinne soon earned the nickname "Queen of the Buccaneers." Her daring raids on merchant ships and forts were legendary, earning her both admiration among her crew and infamy among those who sought to bring her to justice. Despite her outlaw status, GrŠinne held strict principles, always ensuring her crew attacked with precision, avoiding unnecessary bloodshed whenever possible.

Throughout her piratical career, GrŠinne remained haunted by a sense of unfinished business. She was determined to challenge the very system that oppressed her and her loved ones. Her ultimate goal became to dismantle the prejudiced hierarchy and unite humans and elves, proving that power was not dictated by their birth but by their hearts and their skills.

GrŠinne's journey was one of self-discovery and resilience, as she grappled with her own identity and societal expectations. She became the driving force behind an underground network of rebels, smuggling essential supplies to the oppressed and striking fear into the hearts of the ruling class. With every act of rebellion, GrŠinne grew closer to her vision of a just and unified world.

Today, GrŠinne O'Hara sails the open seas, her twin flintlock pistols wielded in her hands, the embodiment of her indomitable spirit. As she fights for a brighter future, she remains a symbol of hope for those who have been cast aside, the half-elves who long for acceptance, and the oppressed who yearn for freedom.

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