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Random featured blog entry from Tuesday Nights at Dignan's
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Tuesday Night at Dignan's (10/07/08)

Posted October 29th, 2008 at 10:05 PM by DrLivingston
I am stone cold sober, so this will be quite boring...

Tonight was a quiet night.

The Players:
Me/DrLivingston:I say that I play the same drunk as sober, and I think that's true.

But I am much louder drunk.

Clumsy as **** though, either way. Last week I ripped up Dignan's wall with a dice tower and tonight, I leaned my chair right into his freestanding lamp. Both of us would have been free-falling without the wall behind me. I aso send dice flying all over the room when I roll--dice towers are little help. This drives both Dignan and Podwest bat**** insane. I hear the word "retard" a lot.

Podwest: I bag on Podwest a lot. Tonight I'll say something nice. He smiles a lot? Maybe I'll think of something later...

R˙chean: R˙chean is fun to be around because he knows a lot of famous Heroscapers folk.

For example tonight, after he talked about Grungebob helping coordinate prize

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