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Week@HS Revival - Week #19

Posted May 11th, 2013 at 08:52 PM by truth

May finds C3G about to pay tribute to the man who started this crazy Marvel Movie Madness - Iron Man! No, there won't be a Mark 42 armor, but you will find some of his more noteworthy adversaries. Check out the list of whats coming and let the speculation begin!
Crimson Dynamo
Iron Monger
Iron Patriot
Titanium Man

Also, just starting the process is Wong, Dr. Strange's faithful butler/servant/
sidekick/nurse/bodyguard/confidant/BFF! Check out the Initial Design right now!

Also beginning the process soon (possibly even before this is posted!) is the Judge of the living, the Jury of all humanity, and the would-be Executioner of Brit City - Judge Death! Look out for his design thread to open up in the C3G Project Forum.

Secrets from the Sanctum
Word on the street is that the C3G Heroes...
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Week@HS Revival - Week #18

Posted April 27th, 2013 at 02:06 PM by truth

Remeber that sneak peak of The Predator we showed you a few weeks back? C3G has finished the card for him and is now just waiting on a vote for release!
His Yautja Cloaking Device helps protect him from non-adjacent attacks, while his Bio-Mask Targeting takes away the advantages of shadows and bushes. On top of that, if it looks like he's going down, you can always activate his Self Destruct Wrist Gauntlet so he goes out with a destructive BANG!

Secrets from the Sanctum
A certain blue-eyed wall-crawling shutterbug has seen proof that March Madness may not even be the best promotion C3G had cooked up for the year. Keep your wits about you or you might miss Timely promo releases, a little Action tie-in, and, though you won't get 5 Gold Rings, what you will get...
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Week@HS Revival - Week #17

Posted April 20th, 2013 at 01:19 PM by truth

The First official C3G March Madness Tournament is completed and just as the mods here learned on April Fool's Day (j/k) No one beats Batman! Thats right, Batman, Inc. went on to capture the title of Inaugural Champion. To check out the Runner Up, Finalist, and the other teams check out this Thread. (Shout out to Hellfire for making this thing happen! Quite an undertaking for one person. +rep that man!)

A couple of C3G Allies have pooled their points to open a second Public Design Thread. Voting is going on now! Hop into this Thread to share your opinion and vote.

Secrets from the Sanctum
As C3G's Anniversary approaches, speculation continues into what the Sanctum may release in celebration. One thing you can count on is that the number 23 will somehow be represented (April 23 marks the day C3G was born) and that there will be more than a few designs...
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Week@HS Revival - Week #16

Posted April 8th, 2013 at 08:12 PM by truth

This week, we bring you the latest from C3G, Spectre!
With his Spirit of Vengeance, your opponents will have to be careful about where and when they attack your other heroes, for fear of swift retribution. With Withering Gaze he can stop a non-fearless enemy in his/her tracks. Couple this with Intangibility and 12 life and you have a very hard-to-kill Entity who is ready to get Vengeance!*

The C3V is the the middle of releasing Wave 16, but Wave 17 could use some playtesting help! Public Playtesting is a great way to get a sneak peek at upcoming C3V units.
The 8th Infantry Pathfinder is a common hero that works best in a firefight. Always marching with his fellow soldiers,...
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Week@HS Revival - Week #15

Posted March 20th, 2013 at 11:38 AM by truth

The Public Design being worked on currently may interest fans of the Governator - it's Predator! While the card is far from done feel free to follow along as this design is fleshed out and tested. Don't let him go into Stealth mode! Here's the figure if you were wondering.
Another thing being worked on is an Arkham Asylum map. Check out design submissions in this Thread. Feel free to offer suggestions, tweaks, and changes.

Public Designs in C3G are always voted on and, unlike almost everything else in C3G, you don't have to have a badge to participate! Feel free to drop into this Thread, check out the nominated designs in the first post, and vote for your top three candidates! (The other thing you don't need a badge for is playtesting; we'll take anyone for that - though...
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