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Type A, Type J

Posted October 8th, 2010 at 03:48 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
A casual acquaintance remarked to me the other day that I was a type A person. I freaked! What the hell was his problem? Iím way better at analyzing things than he is and I have fully believed for a long time that Iím a type B.

In case you donít know, a Type A is a rushy rusherson, always worried about time, competitive, has ďfree floating hostilityĒ (whatever the ^%$%# that means) and is impatient. Allegedly.

I guess that kind of sounds like me in some ways on some days. That disturbs me. Iíd always thought I was an easy going, happy Type B-er.

I guess Iíve morphed into a sort of AB thing- the A stuff was thrust upon me by circumstances out of my control- divorce, children, job stresses. Maybe if youíre a type B and youíre relaxed and donít take care of stuff it piles up, becomes sentient and chases you, making you into a Type A?

I did some reading and a bunch of Type A scientists disagreed and debunked the whole A-B theory. (as...

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