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Louisville NHSD 2013 Tournament of Champions

Posted October 20th, 2013 at 06:57 PM by NecroBlade
4x Roman Legionnaires
Mogrimm Forgehammer
Marcus Decimus Gallus

Game 1; Heat of Battle vs Holden on If You Can't Take the Heat
5x Zombies of Morindan
Kaemon Awa
Raelin (RotV)

I won the roll and let Holden place first, which would allow me to place my last Hero to threaten Raelin, as well as take the first turn. Zombies were spread out on various hills, with Raelin protecting half of them and Kaemon Awa behind, while my Legion formed up together and my Warlords positioned for maximum efficiency. NGS Bonded first so he could get right at Raelin. Never did Mindshackle her, but punched her for a few damage. With a little help from Marcus and sightly better dice, my Romans started getting a decent numbers advantage on the Zombies despite a couple coming back. Mogrimm took a swipe to get height on Raelin, but rolled horribly and was taken out the next turn with two hot Quick Release rolls from KA. KA continued...

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