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A Reflection on Heroscape Fandom/Belated NHD Post

Posted October 22nd, 2016 at 04:10 PM by Majora's Incarnation
Hello all, MI here,

I wanted to wish everyone a belated National Heroscape Day! I couldn't take the time out to post something about it as I was in Las Vegas the previous week attending the 2016 Final Fantasy Festival at the Paris.

Looking at the time and how it's passed in the span of Heroscape's introduction to the tabletop gaming markets, its discontinuation, and its maintained existence through its fans hitting up to 6 years now of a thriving fandom, it brings back memories of my first Heroscape purchase in 2004.

I was very young, probably 10-11 or so when I first saw the game. It was the fantastic cover art that spoke to me first. Specifically, it was the stand-offish idea that it presented of a dinosaur, a dragon, WWII soldiers, and an odd skeletal alien with a laser gun (that's what I knew them as before I knew the name Marro) locked in combat.

Several lawns mowed later I acquired the funding to buy the set and invited...

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