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Powder Puff Girls

Posted October 31st, 2008 at 05:30 PM by R˙chean
Ah yes the shelf clogging Nakita; they are easily my favorite squad. I have played the snot of the Nakita, probably more so than most can imagine. They are a blast to play but they are not that durable and not that reliable; two traits that make them very iffy for sustained competitive play. They can do so much for so many or yet nothing at all. They can be a huge liability in one match up and then a huge asset in another. This is because their best ability, Smoke Powder, does not work against special attacks. A short coming for sure. It is also because their 2 defensive abilities rely on the D20. Unlike the Krav, who are universally good against most anything, the Nakita are specialized and complimentary and, unfortunately, easily countered. Nonetheless, I still find myself using them more and more. Maybe it is the release of Agent Skahen or just my current infatuation or maybe it is my desire to scratch out a little more respect for them. Whatever the reason, I find myself working them...

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