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Customs Creation July 2017

Posted July 23rd, 2017 at 10:00 AM by HS Codex

Make It Fun
by Scytale

Balance. Theme. Creativity. Playability. These are the big keywords when it comes to designing and evaluating customs. And yes, these aspects are of utmost importance for creating top-class customs. But there’s another important aspect that is rarely mentioned, yet holds as much weight or perhaps even more than the others: fun.

Heroscape is an amazingly fun game. I doubt anyone on Heroscapers.com would disagree with that. But when it comes to individual units, they are not all equally fun to play with or against. It’s not something as calculable as “balance” or subjective in the same way as “theme;” “fun” is a vague concept that’s difficult to pin down. Yet it absolutely can and will make or break a unit.

There are lots of aspects that go into making a unit fun to play with and against. Balance, theme,

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