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Metagame Evolution

Posted May 7th, 2008 at 09:34 PM by Jexik
Evolution of the Tournament Metagame: A Brief History

Here are a few ground rules outlining my thinking before going forward:

1. Heroscape is awesome, fun, and competitive. These ideals can coexist peacefully.
2. This largely assumes the standard tournament structure that requires a player to use the same premade army all day. Drafting changes things a lot.
3. I suck at Heroscape. I make no claims to be the best, but I like to observe others and play the game. I've also only been playing since last July, and I went to my first tournament in October. If I make any false claims, call me out on my BS.
4. This is largely theoryscape, but it is empirical theoryscape. I watch how and what I play. I watch what the top players play. I listen to and watch how people react to an ever-changing game.

Heroscape: BCE (Before Common Era- I forget who thought of this, but it is quite an effective way to describe the ‘good old

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