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College, and Debt, and Life - Oh my!

Posted March 11th, 2018 at 10:56 PM by Joseph Sweeney
Hey all,

For any of you who still stop by the good ol' blog section of Scapers', I'm checking in for a bit. I always say I am coming back, but lets get real, if I come back it usually isn't for long. So not saying that anymore.

Life is a blast. Not gonna lie. Ups and down for sure, all the time. But overall not bad. Also, I'm a college man now, so I get this really cool thing called 'debt.' I have to say, that **** is way over hyped. Additionally -- and this is for all you young ones out there -- college is fun, but it's also a lot less fun than people make it out to be. Just a heads up.

I got an overwhelming wave of nostalgia today and thought about all the fantastic memories I had from this place.

To be fair, coming back was somewhat saddening. I see a lot of faces have moved on, people I became really good friends with just don't seem to be here anymore. Can I blame them, though? I mean what with me only rarely frequenting...
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For the First Time in Forever

Posted December 13th, 2014 at 06:52 PM by Joseph Sweeney
Played Classic 'Scape for the first time in well over a year. A three man game on one of the maps from the RotV Master set (the one where you rescue Sgt. Drake).

Since it had been so long since we last played we decided to just go and play whatever units we wanted, not getting too far into the competitive spirit.

First game was:

Dad 500 points:
Microcorp Agents x2
PK x1
Tarn Viking

Me 200 points:
Elite Onyx Vipers

My Sis 200 points:
Venoc Vipers x2
Venoc Warlord

It started off badly for me and my sis, but we came out with a pretty good win by the end.

Second game:

Me 500 points:
KoW x2
Sir Denrick

Marro Warriors

My bro:

Got myself slaughtered.

Third game:
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