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The Swamp Outpost

Posted July 22nd, 2019 at 04:11 PM by kolakoski
Updated July 24th, 2019 at 05:59 PM by kolakoski
Well met!

The idea for this scenario stemmed from the center-modified Swamp Thing I built for Islandscape XIII, and the tournament's Cluster Draft format. I hope I will be forgiven for what I am doing to Browncoat's creation . . .

Teams of intrepid explorers
clash over treasure in

The Swamp Outpost

The Map. Swamp Thing, mutilated to create a Fort in the center. There are 4 Treasure Glyphs within the Fort.

[Took a few minutes to throw together a sample Map. Any similarity to Swamp Thing is purely coincidental.]

[Note: No flyers except Othkurik and Racheim. No shooters except the flyers, Elaria the Pale, and Shiori.]

The Explorers. 4 Players, 2 Teams. The Teams snake draft 6 Clusters from the [tentative] Clusters set out below, and then each Team assigns 3 Clusters to each of its Players.

100 Varkaanan Quickblades
100 Wyvern
200, 5 spaces

100 Kozuke Samurai
100 Ogre Pulverizer
200, 4 spaces

110 Tetraites
90 Chen Tang
200, 2 spaces

110 Uzog
90 Feral Troll
200, 3 spaces

120 Bahadur
80 Prince al'Kahora
200, 2 spaces

120 Kaemon
80 Kumiko
200, 2 spaces

130 Locksley
70 Arthur of Sherwood
200, 3 spaces

130 Kozil
70 Martial La Hire
200, 2 spaces

140 Racheim
60 Shiori
200, 3 spaces

140 Morgoloth
60 Elaria the Pale
200, 2 spaces

140 Master of the Hunt
60 Darrak Ambershard
200, 3 spaces

140 Master of the Hunt
60 Yi Feng
200, 3 spaces

Victory Conditions. The Team with the most figures left on the Map at the end of 10 Rounds wins.

Treasure Glyphs. Treasure Glyphs are Brandar's Chests (trapped normally). Each carried Treasure Glyph counts as a figure left on the Map for the purpose of satisfying the Victory Conditions.
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