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13 Tournament Postulates

Posted May 7th, 2008 at 09:44 PM by Jexik
Thirteen Tournament Postulates

Here are some little rules that I’ve thought of and conglomerated after numerous discussions on these forums. Tournament directors and attendees should be conscious of these factors and how they affect what people will play.

1. As time goes by, previously unbeatable armies will look less impressive, not only because of new and better alternatives, but also because people will have learned how to counter strategies and popular units of the past.

2. As time goes by, more people will begin to have access to “everything,” and their collections will increase in size. Saying that ‘no one will play that many Blastatrons or 4th Mass’ etc... will not be safe to say any more unless expressly prohibited by the tournament regulations.

3. People will also start to play more ‘good’ units, either because they read strategy articles, or they remember how they lost to Major Q9 or Deathreavers.


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