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Scaper of the Week Interview #71 -- Dysole

Posted September 9th, 2011 at 04:20 PM by MegaSilver
Scaper of the Week Interview #71

Many of you may not recognize this Scaper right off the bat, but all CoNNers know him very well. He is, in my opinion, in the top tier of players, along with scorpiusx, Ravenhale, and Rainor.

Right now he's Gargamel, your friend, but next time he may be a puppet.

-Scaper of the Week #71 -


Who are you?

A carbon based lifeform placed upon this planet for some purpose or other. My given name is Sam Robison.

Who, or what, is your avatar and how did you come up with your username?

At the moment Gargamel my current character in the unofficial Anything Goes CoN. Usually it's some artwork by M.C. Escher who is probably hands down my favorite artist. Usually one of these two guys although sometimes I do the Lego variant of the first one.

Username I haven't told anyone the meaning behind it and it's actually kind of anticlimactic in my opinion. It involves screwing around with half of the letters in an ancient foreign word and half of a character from a book series I enjoyed in high school. Any more hints will have to be derived from the flying bunnies.

Age: The second perfect number minus the first perfect number. (Twice eleven if you don't want to do the math)

Occupation? Currently an unemployed graduate with a degree in mathematics. Hopefully that'll change within the next month.

Allegiance and why? I'm a bit of a mercenary as I like all of the generals in their own little way. I also don't plan on getting killed like Aldin did for claiming that since I picked up a few tips when I played a Ninja in CoN.

When did you get into HeroScape and why? That would be my freshman year of a college when another user on these boards (Vermilyon) said "You should try this board game." I liked it, got hooked, researched everything I could and virtually downloaded all of the cards into my brain.

Favorite aspect of HeroScape and why? I get to build a bunch of crazy armies. The possibilities with this game are close to endless and I absolutely love it.

Favorite Unique Hero and why? Oh that's easy. Mr. King of Ice himself Nilfheim. He can attack you in melee, he can hit you with an Ice Shard Breath special attack, and he can look really awesometastic while doing it. He's like Q9 if Q9 was a big white dragon.

Favorite Uncommon Hero and why? I love the look of Greater Ice Elemental as he screams "I am awesome" but for gameplay and almost as cool looks I'm gonna have to go with the Lawnmower of a Hydra. Whenever I play one I'm constantly hissing at the enemy.

Favorite Common Hero and why? Can I pick all the elementals? That army is fuuuuuuuuun to play.

Favorite Unique Squad and why? Marro Warriors which have pretty much been designated "Water Chipmunks" in our Scaping group because of how prevalent they can be. They are a great asset to any army and I love using them as either an early strike force or a late game "I'll be in eight places at once."

Favorite Common Squad and why? Dividers come so close since I love screwing with my opponents but the hands down winner is the Vipers. I love drafting as many of these guys as I can plus the warlord and sending them out in what is the closest Heroscape equivalent to a Zerg rush. They've been able to kill everything from Rats to Hulk for me and it's such delicious fun everytime especially since I do a lot of hissing here too. I may get too into my Scape games.

Favorite Custom Unit and why? To be honest I haven't spent a whole lot of time in the forums dealing with Custom stuff but when I do I get blown away by it all. Black Hand of Kyogi blew me away with simplicity and really cool powers. Talos just looked awesome. SQUORPION made me die of laughter. One of those ones. I can't really pick.

Favorite Special Ability and why? I'm gonna go with Cell Divide since the sheer ability to keep bringing back more and more Dividers is so much fun. I also greatly enjoy Kato Katsuro's Command raining down fire from eight guys.

Favorite Map and why? Hmm. Well I haven't actually been to any official tournaments and really only used the BoV maps when I've playtested some stuff so I would say that my favorite map would be one that combines multiple types of terrain without giving an unfair advantage to certain units (e.g. flies).

4th or 10th? Don't really enjoy using either a whole awful lot but I am definitely of the opinion the 4th are better.

Anything you'd change about the game - a unit, rule, or mechanic? Does recontinuing the game count for these purposes? If I'm not allowed that loophole I'll go with making Gorillinators tough work on all attacks.

What do you enjoy most about Heroscapers.com? I almost put down the CoN forums but then I remembered why I like the CoN forums so much and it's because of the community here that is just so welcoming to everyone and can even have discussions on touchy topics without destroying each other.

Favorite HeroScape moment: Not 100% sure if this is my favorite but it's definitely up there. It was a big free for all game and I was playing the Kato Blitzkrieg (standard 500 pt Kato army Him and 3 each of the Ashigaru). All my Ashigaru had died off and I had kept Kato unnoticed from my opponents until he was literally the strongest figure on the board and just went around killing everything in sight. It got down to Kato with two wounds and my friend with a single axegrinder. I attack the axegrinder and fail. He attacks me and fails. I attack the axegrinder and fail. He attacks me and fails. Initiative rolls around and he gets it. He proceeds to roll

I look at him and say "If I whiff this you win."

I think I remember saying something like "You know I'm totally cool with losing that way."

Another board game you enjoy and why? RISK. Although this may be more due to the crowd I play it with than the actual game but the game is exceedingly simple and enjoyable and for some reason we manage to keep the game to under three hours whenever we play.

Three true things and one lie about yourself:
1. I have never been to a country other than the US or Mexico
2. My fastest marathon time is 2:47:13
3. I have handfed a bison
4. I have the Genie, Darth Vader, the Grinch, Sylar, Santa Claus, Kronk, the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man, and Charlie the Unicorn in my phone contacts

Other interests? Any sort of mental challenge. I also enjoy running as I did XC and Track for eight years of my life and I also enjoy hiking in the wide open outdoors and pretty much any random thing that allows me to spend time with my friends.

Five Fun Favorites

Favorite TV Show: I really don't watch a whole lot of TV but I'm going to go with a classic here and say Rocky and Bullwinkle as that show always had me doubling over with laughter.

Favorite Movie Of All Time: It's the movie my parents had to force me to watch. The Princess Bride which I can probably quote from beginning to end (like any self respecting nerd)

Favorite book: Gee this is hard since I have so many favorite books. On the more serious side I enjoy reading through the Bible, the Ragamuffin Gospel, pretty much anything by Tolkien or Lewis, and the first two books in the Wrinkle in Time series. On the less serious side I enjoy the heck out of the Increasingly Inaccurately Named Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Phantom Tollbooth, and Lewis Carroll's stuff. Trying to pick a favorite is like trying to decide what my favorite run is.

Favorite sport: To play? Cross country road or trail races. To watch? Either running events or baseball which I feel I know more about than humans should. Go Arizona Diamondbacks!

Favorite food: The only food I get genuinely excited for everytime is my dad's rotisserie style chicken wings. I wish I could describe the deliciousness present in them.

What encouraged you to start playing in CoN (Curse of Ne-Gok-Sa)? I saw this fun looking game advertised in some people's signatures and looked into it and decided to join up. I literally haven't stopped playing since.

What has been your favorite cave and why? That's like the book question. Byzantine is the obvious answer due to its sheer awesome and dramatic conclusion but more recent caves like the Library and Kappa have also been fun in a different way. Airship Leviathan was a great cave that is only hampered by it not being one of my better roleplays but the gameplay in that so made up for it. I also thoroughly enjoyed any cave with one of my favorite roleplays in them.

How did you earn/receive your title? Well the #3 (technically #2 at the moment) CoN Player came from getting a lot of post game votes for my roleplays and such. The EEEEVIIIL part came from Kaunan Keep when I was dealt the character of Tul-Bak-Ra and while coming up with an RP noticed that he was both evil and an overlord and so thus was born Tul-Bak-Ra Evil Overlord of Death and Deathiness. LordRaidor happened to be the storyteller and I think my EEEEVVVIILLLness caught his attention.

So, why does CoN rock? It's a fun game where you get to roleplay Heroscape characters with a great community. If you want to hear a more in depth reason I have a thread titled "Why CoN rocks."

How would you CoNvince someone on the borderline of playing CoN to actually join? Threaten them with killer bees. Then I'd probably ask them what was holding them back and if they said anything other than "I'm not sure I'll have the time" I'd probably let them know how much fun it is. It'd help that I have about eight friends that can back me up on this and have gotten to join this game. About five of them are pretty regular CoNners.

Any Heroscapers member you'd really like to play against? Jexik is the first to come to my mind simply because I've loved everyone of his articles and he seems like someone I would love to pit my strategy against. I'd love to see a Viper vs. Viper duel with killercactus as well. I'd also like to see how I'd do against someone like dok or spiderpoison. Honestly I'd love to play Scape against pretty much everyone on this site.

What message do you have for the community?
Continue to be a great community.

What Units would you like to see in the next Unit Debate?
Has Nilf vs. Braxas been done? Because that would be cool. Nilf vs. Q9 would be interesting as well. One of those.

Who do you pick for the next 'Scaper of the Week?
I'm gonna go with my CoNning buddy scorpiusx.
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LordEsenwienIV's Avatar
Great interview!
Posted September 9th, 2011 at 04:52 PM by LordEsenwienIV LordEsenwienIV is offline
ZBeeblebrox's Avatar
Great interview, I'm going to go with #1 as the lie...
Posted September 9th, 2011 at 09:46 PM by ZBeeblebrox ZBeeblebrox is offline
Heroscape Elffy's Avatar
#4 is almost certainly true. Because I wouldn't doubt that you have some 'Scapers in your phone. I remember some of those guys played in Anything Goes CoNs.

Other than that little clue, the rest of those are too believable for me to choose.
Posted September 10th, 2011 at 12:16 PM by Heroscape Elffy Heroscape Elffy is offline
flameslayer93's Avatar
I'm going with #1, just because.
Posted September 10th, 2011 at 04:05 PM by flameslayer93 flameslayer93 is offline
Shockma Ranyk's Avatar
It's too bad that Dysole's interview is at the same time as the C3V releases. Otherwise, it would get a lot more attention. I think #1 is the lie.
Posted September 11th, 2011 at 02:05 PM by Shockma Ranyk Shockma Ranyk is offline
killercactus's Avatar
Vipers vs. Vipers = EPIC WIN. Let's do it!
Posted September 12th, 2011 at 02:35 PM by killercactus killercactus is offline
Great interview, and I can't wait to read the next one. Who is the man behind that Nazgul mask?
Posted September 13th, 2011 at 01:03 AM by ABOMINATION ABOMINATION is offline
Dysole's Avatar
Thanks for the comments. It was fun. And in case anyone is wondering, #2 is the lie. My fastest marathon time doesn't exist since I haven't run one. Yet. (#4 occurred because I was bored and started adding random nonexistent contacts into my phone)

~Dysole, hoping he gets a chance to play Vipers vs. Vipers with killercactus
Posted September 19th, 2011 at 06:44 PM by Dysole Dysole is offline
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