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ARV Maps - October 2019

Posted October 6th, 2019 at 08:51 AM by HS Codex

Map Selection
Perspectives from Tournament Directors
Author: Flash_19

Between GenCon and National Heroscape Day, fall seems to be the best time of year to battle for the fate of Valhalla! This month’s article is meant to complement and build on our previous article—an interview with the GenCon map selector, OrcElfArmyOne—as we reached out to a handful of tournament directors preparing events for National Heroscape Day (or events being held soon). We wanted to learn more about their process for determining maps used in the events they host, and to see what insights they had to offer about the types of maps they prefer to use.

We at the ARV hope these two articles give you some new insights about maps used in the competitive Heroscape scene. While this article will not extensively quote the tournament directors that we interviewed,
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Autumn Custom Competition – Chops Entrée

Posted October 6th, 2019 at 03:36 AM by truth
Autumn Custom Competition!

Do you smell that? Hmm ... What is that, basil? Sweet dill? Toasted pistachio powder? Feylundian fig? Woowee, I don't know what they're cooking in the Chops Kitchen but I know one thing for sure: it's gonna be scrumptious. This round contestants are making a big, heavy-hitting entrée, and you get to be a part of it, just like all those happy little Nagrubs ...


If you can take the heat, head to the Chops Kitchen before October 21 and check out what "basket ingredients" are guiding the flavor profiles of this batch of customs.

*No HeroScape was harmed in the making of this photo, although we have a track record of two figures being harmed in the creation of each of our wonderful prizes
**Also, there are no prizes
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Beautiful Colby
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