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Quests of Heroscape

Posted May 24th, 2006 at 06:31 PM by truth
Updated April 14th, 2008 at 04:51 PM by truth

Netherspirit has a look into Quests of Heroscape, he writes:
Are you looking for a new way to play Heroscape? Give Quests of Heroscape a try. Quests of Heroscape was created by our very own Teamski. Teamski was on a mission to add something to the game of Heroscape that didn't involve having to kill everything to win. He originally wanted to add an RPG element to the game, but it turned out to be something altogether different.
With the aide of Malechi (artistic and advising), Teamski created Quests of Heroscape. All you need to play the basic quests is a full set of the glyphs, at least 2 ruins, and a high point. So basically all you need is a master set.
Once you have your map set up, place the glyphs symbol-side up (power-side down) randomly on the map. Then you are ready to get your Quests. Each player gets 3 quest cards, that are kept secret from all the other players. Each...
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Rules of Valhalla

Posted May 21st, 2006 at 02:02 PM by Hex_Enduction_Hour
"Will the Gorillinators get their 'Tough' shield?"

"Can an orc disengage from a Knight of Weston without a swipe from their Coward's Reward ability?"

"If my Deadeye's engaged, can he still Sharpshoot somewhere else?"

Sound familiar? How many times has a situation like these arisen in one of your battles? The wording on a Heroscape unit card is explicit and to the point. If care is not taken in its interpretation, you may end up missing a key point or making a drastic mistake.

It's important to always look over an ability or special attack...
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The Lure of 3D Hexes

Posted May 11th, 2006 at 09:04 PM by Oogie_Da_Bruce
Updated April 22nd, 2008 at 03:04 PM by hextr1p
Do you remember the first time you saw the Heroscape Master Set? The first time you noticed all the pre-painted minis? How about when you saw the terrain? For many of us, it was the terrain that caught our eye and started us on this awesome game. It was stackable and interlocking; we could build our own battlefields over and over again.

Then, with each terrain expansion, things got better and better. We now have forest, roads, lava, ice, snow, glaciers, and soon castles. Remember the Toy Fair photos.

Our own members of Herscapers.com have made exceptional use of this terrain and even created some of their own.

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The Beginning of it All

Posted May 3rd, 2006 at 09:44 PM by truth
Updated April 14th, 2008 at 04:48 PM by truth
This page is a blog about all things HeroScape. A team of dedicated staff members will update the blog often. Here you will find fantastic new scenarios waiting to be played, spanking new custom HeroScape units stamped with our approval of playability, HeroScape news and release updates, strategy tips and other game enhancers, exciting HeroScape fan fiction, and much, much, more! So stop in often to keep brushed up on all of your HeroScape info.

Not only can you keep up with the latest and greatest in HeroScape by reading the blog, you can also add to the fun by stopping in on our forums via the community link across the top of the page. The forums are full of other avid HeroScape fans, and those talented people, ever expanding and discussing the game of HeroScape, are the very source of the material for our blog posts. So get the full experience by joining in on the many threads of conversation buzzing over there.

Are you a visual person? While we try to keep...
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