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FFC #13 - The Improvements in HiS

Posted May 17th, 2018 at 03:00 PM by The Grim Reaper's Friend
TGRF's Fan Fiction Chronicles - Entry 13

Anyone who's been following my fan fictions probably knows that I try to use each one to get progressively better at writing. Ever since Dilmir, I've been narrowing down on specific aspects of my writing in each fan fiction, trying to improve them.

Horizon in Sight is, at the moment, the final fan fiction to do that. (Knowing how things go, there will probably be some issue Bigga finds with it which I will then want to correct with another fan fiction, but we aren't there yet.) I figured now that the development is nearly complete (just smoothing the outline out), I can tell you all what improvements you can expect in HiS.

My last fan fiction, A Chance of Success, was... well, I won't say it was bad. I wouldn't say it was overly good though, either. It was just kind of there.

The main thing I tried to improve on in ACoS was twists. Unfortunately, I didn't quite know how. Instead of creating twists, I unintentionally created problems: temporary walls in the way of the goal. A twist isn't temporary. A true twist is something which alters the perceived story line for the rest of the tale. I hadn't really grasped that scope with ACoS.

Unfortunately, there wasn't really a 'twist phase' with HiS. Partly because I'm still not sure where to put it. But also partly because there were actually plenty of twists already in HiS. Some came over from The Quest for Valhalla (for those of you who have read it, please don't spoil things for other readers - some general elements remain the same). Others were created naturally as the plot took form.

The two biggest issues Bigga found with ACoS (and I agree with him) are the lack of subplots, and not enough character development for the side characters. The story felt very much like you were jumping from plot point to plot point, with no room for anything else. In fact, that's exactly what the outline was. There were no subplots at all. There was also a large lack of development for several important side characters, making their actions and motivations too much of a mystery.

So that's what I tried to work on with HiS. I developed all of the present side characters, based on their importance and time in the story. You can expect to see side characters who think and act like real people, with their own personal agendas, backstories, goals, and secrets. I've also focused a lot on dialogue, and hopefully this will mean more realistic conversations and interactions between all characters. The main character does of course have the most detailed development.

You can also expect to see a lot of side plots. While the main plot is clearly center stage, there are several side plots weaving in and out of it, changing things and bringing things to light. Several side characters have their own goals realized or crushed. Side plots continually influence the main plot, the main character, and the decisions made and actions done.

Hopefully these additions to my process will make for the best fan fiction I have written yet. If you know of any other improvements you think I could make, now is your last chance to let me know before I start writing.

Assuming I get my act together and finish up the development, I would say we are looking at a late June/Early July release.

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