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Our Custom Mounts

Posted April 21st, 2010 at 12:07 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
We are really fond of our custom mounts, and they add a lot to our game. These mounts are not tied to any one figure; they can carry anyone and exist independently on the playing field.

Their special abilities offer many bonuses, as well as a height for mounted figures.
Mounts may extend the range of many figures- the mount travels, and then the figure may dismount and use their full movement as well.

Generally large+ figures canít ride.
Mounts always occupy two squares.
It takes all of a figures remaining movement, be it 1 or 5, to mount.

In the picture: on the left you can see our Mumak, behind is a flying carrier owl, and then some horses and wolves.

Isengarde Wolves

We made these after watching that great scene in the Two Towers- you know the one, where the wolves of Isengarde attack the king of Rohan and his people as they head for Helmís Deep. In the photo they are the orange ones with the red spots. They carry one figure very nicely. The one with teeth is a unique hero. Otherwise they come in squads.

Squad stats: life 1, move 6, range 1, attack 4, defense 5, 80 points
Wolf, common squad, mounts, ferocious, L5
Blood hunger- these nasty things continue to fight even if they donít have a rider.

Fall off- if the mount dies, the rider falls and is stunned for one turn (unless they have horsemanship) shake 20d; 17+ gives a wound to the stunned rider as well

Horse squads

We have four different squads of horses, usually four horses per squad. They are made of little pieces of wood glued together with horse glue. I mean wood glue.

horse, common, travelers, tame, L 4
Squad stats: Life 1, Move 8, Range 0, Attack 0, Defense 4, 35 points
rider defensive bonus +1D to rider
fall off (see above)

These horses need someone to ride them, or lead a herd of them. Without that they just stand around and do nothing and may be used by the enemy.


We also have five hero horses, to make things interesting. Most of them have slightly different specials; one will take a wound for the rider, and one aids in 20d rolls.
In melee combat both the horse and rider may attack.
Comanche was of course named after the famous horse from the battle of Little Bighorn.

horse, unique, warcharger, well trained, L4
Stats: Life 2, Move 6, Range 1, Attack 5, Defense 8, 110pts
rider bonus: +1 A + 2D
4 sq charge: + 2A if there are 4 clear spaces to the defender the horse may charge and gain +2A
unfailing loyalty- will continue mission, be it traveling or fighting without rider
fall off


Twilight is an owl, named for the Great Grey Owl from Guardians of Gahoole. We have two of these big owls and they have been customed to be carriers more than fighters.
In the picture

Twilight is on a ďflying tubeĒ- a clear pill bottle. We actually donít use those anymore. We use small square stackable duplo pieces: 1 piece under a figure means itís just above another figures head height (engaged), 2 means itís at the top of tallest terrain piece and three means itís way up there in the clouds. We found this handy when we got winged ranged figures, so it could be determined if they had height on other flying figures.

Stats: Life 2, Movement 7, Range 1, Attack 1, Defense 4 105 pts
flying carry- can carry small and medium figures in the air. Can carry a large figure if teaming with another owl, ranged figures may fire from Twilightís grasp
stealth dodge for owl, not for carried figure
twilight special ironclaw attack 17+ attack 5

Templar horses

Having made all those Templar customs I of course needed some horses to go with them. These were the first horses I tried to ďsort of carveĒ. They didnít turn out so hot, but I still like Ďem. Thereís four in the squad, but only one flag.

Horse, common squad, Templar mount, disciplined, L4
Stats: Life 1, Move 7, Range 0,Attack 0, Defense 6 50 points
Templar carry- if possible, can carry 2 figures with no penalty
Rider defensive bonus +1d
Fall off
Templar flag +1A for Templars on horse. If the flag is lost Ė1A for Templars on horse


The Mumakil are Tolkienís gigantic war elephants, also seen in the LOTR movies. We only have one, but heís not as big as a real mumakil scale wise. He takes up three squares and his tusks extend into a fourth.
I'd like to make some more of these guys, but my elephant making spare time is seriously challenged.

mumakil, unique, warmount, ferocious, H9
Stats: Life 4, Move 6, Range 1, Attack 5, Defence 8, points 150
trample stomp 8+
tusk special attack 10+ throws figures 4 squares and stuns for one turn
war transport can carry as many figures as fit (holds up to ten) one must ďdriveĒ
stampede if the mumak has 3 wounds, shake the 20d at the start of every turn. 11+ Mumak stampedes and runs its full movement in a direction determined by a 6d


Thereís also a grim hiding in the picture, you can see itís yellow and red eye. Its body is black. This friendly fellow was inspired by the grim in the Harry Potter stories. Itís a wolf like creature and receives bonus in shadow- before there were shadow tiles it had to be beside something taller than itself. But now with dungeons and shadows, the grimís life is easier. We have just one squad of four of these.

Dwarf pony

The smaller horse is a dwarf pony and can only carry small figures. If it carries medium figures its movement is halved. It also has a defensive bonus against ranged attacks since it is so small and theoretically hard to hit. We have three squads of these, since some of us are seriously obsessed with dwarves and our ever-developing arsenal of dwarf equipment.
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chas's Avatar
Adding this kind of creativity is what the game is all about. Wish I could come over to your house!
Posted April 22nd, 2010 at 10:02 AM by chas chas is offline
Arch-vile's Avatar
Twilight is an owl, named for the Great Grey Owl from Guardians of Gahoole. We have two of these big owls and they have been customed to be carriers more than fighters.
I love that book series. It's a bit young for me now, unfortunately. I still read the new ones anyway (the wolves series).

Your mount rules are clever, I like it. That oliphant would be awesome to fight against or with!
Posted December 11th, 2012 at 11:43 AM by Arch-vile Arch-vile is offline
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